Review of ‘Cupid’s Way’ and cover reveal mention

Cupid's Way

What another review? I hear you ask. Yes it certainly is and this time it’s a review of another writer friend of mine, the lovely Joanne Phillips. Joanne has been hugely successful since she took the plunge and self-published her first novel Can’t Live Without two years ago.

This novel, her fourth, is called Cupid’s Way and I highly recommend it. If you love an appealing hero and heroine, quirky, fun characters and a great plot, you’ll love this.

BUT before I share the review I just wanted to say that this Friday I’m doing my cover reveal for my new novel Reunion of the Heart, which I’m going to publish soon. I’ve got ten lovely bloggers who’ve kindly agreed to take part in the reveal. So watch this space…

Anyway here’s my review of Cupid’s Way:

Evie Stone is determined to save the Victorian terraced street her grandparents live in. But things get complicated when she meets the CEO of the developers, Michael Andrews. They’re immediately attracted to each other. Can Evie and Michael even have a relationship? And can Cupid’s Way be saved?

I thought this was a lovely, well told romance with a difference, the difference being the numerous memorable characters who populate Cupid’s Way, not least Evie’s grandparents. I thought the author portrayed all the characters so well, they were all unique and interesting. I especially liked the character of Evie’s grandmother who was funny and infuriating all at the same time.

The two main characters, Evie and Michael, were well drawn too and I found myself rooting for Evie especially all the way through – as you’re meant to but this never felt forced. I thought the opening was great and the story unfolded gradually, making me wonder how exactly things would turn out for the characters I liked so much.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a lighthearted romance.

Cupid’s Way is available from and Amazon UK.

4 thoughts on “Review of ‘Cupid’s Way’ and cover reveal mention

  1. Thanks so much, Elaine, I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Everything you liked is exactly what I liked – it’s great when someone really ‘gets’ your book. Can’t wait to see the cover for Reunion of the Heart (great title). Jo x


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