Review of ‘Cupid’s Way’ and cover reveal mention

Cupid's Way

What another review? I hear you ask. Yes it certainly is and this time it’s a review of another writer friend of mine, the lovely Joanne Phillips. Joanne has been hugely successful since she took the plunge and self-published her first novel Can’t Live Without two years ago.

This novel, her fourth, is called Cupid’s Way and I highly recommend it. If you love an appealing hero and heroine, quirky, fun characters and a great plot, you’ll love this.

BUT before I share the review I just wanted to say that this Friday I’m doing my cover reveal for my new novel Reunion of the Heart, which I’m going to publish soon. I’ve got ten lovely bloggers who’ve kindly agreed to take part in the reveal. So watch this space…

Anyway here’s my review of Cupid’s Way:

Evie Stone is determined to save the Victorian terraced street her grandparents live in. But things get complicated when she meets the CEO of the developers, Michael Andrews. They’re immediately attracted to each other. Can Evie and Michael even have a relationship? And can Cupid’s Way be saved?

I thought this was a lovely, well told romance with a difference, the difference being the numerous memorable characters who populate Cupid’s Way, not least Evie’s grandparents. I thought the author portrayed all the characters so well, they were all unique and interesting. I especially liked the character of Evie’s grandmother who was funny and infuriating all at the same time.

The two main characters, Evie and Michael, were well drawn too and I found myself rooting for Evie especially all the way through – as you’re meant to but this never felt forced. I thought the opening was great and the story unfolded gradually, making me wonder how exactly things would turn out for the characters I liked so much.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a lighthearted romance.

Cupid’s Way is available from and Amazon UK.

How I’m blogging now

I just thought I’d continue on from what I was talking about the other day – blogging, gaining more followers on my blog and how to go about it.

Well I’ve signed up to follow a fair few more blogs in the hope that that may be a way to gain more followers myself.  And, of course, it’s interesting to read others’ blogs and see how they’re successful, what they do or don’t do that I could learn from.

I’m a bit flummoxed by one thing though.  For a long while I didn’t add tags to my blog posts as I wasn’t aware of how useful they could be.  I think I may have gained a number of followers through tagging my posts.

But the thing that’s puzzling me is this: when I Googled certain words that I use as tags in my blogging, intending to see if I could find other writers’ blogs, it came up with very little that was helpful i.e. hardly any relevant writers blogs at all.

So it got me thinking – how exactly do tags work?  Are they what other people use to find blogs to follow – do other people Google certain words to find a blog they might like to follow, or do other people know something I don’t about tags?

Anyway I’m confused by that.  Any info about that gratefully received.

To go back to the main point of this blog post, as well as working hard at blogging myself, it’s been interesting to see how various other bloggers go about… well blogging.  Some of them list targets they’re trying to achieve (I don’t find this particularly helpful, in fact it’s a bit boring!), others intersperse anecdotes about their non-writing lives (which I find fascinating) and then of course many blog about how their writing is going, their plans for releasing their novels, details of when their novels are being released etc.

I have found that the most successful blogs engage with their readers; they provide good content that others want to read; they ask questions and the blog itself is attractive and looks good.

As for my own blogging – well I’m trying to comment on others’ blogs as much as I can – though I do delete a number of posts as I haven’t got the time or energy to look at them all.  I’m only human!

With this blog, I’m trying to post more often, as obviously that is so important.  I also intend at some point to start linking more to other blog sites.  Some of the most effective blog sites have great links to helpful sites for writers.

Here are some that I enjoy:

Catherine, Caffeinated

Daily (w)rite

Shannon A Thompson

Joanne Phillips

I think I’ll leave it there for now.  But before I go, here’s a question for you.  Do you have a favourite blog that you keep returning to and why?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Harnessing the power of Twitter


I joined Twitter just over 18 months ago. I’ve found it to be incredibly helpful to my writing and I’ve made contact with other writers through it, some of whom I’ve even met and become good friends with.

But for quite a while I wasn’t engaging fully with other authors on Twitter. Although I had over 1000 followers and I was following over 1000 people, following people and gaining new followers was slowing to a trickle. I just wasn’t very active on it. Most of the time I would do a post on my blog, tweet about it once and expect people to respond.

If I’m honest with myself, I did realise that wasn’t enough. But I was busy doing lots of other things, writing and blogging to name two, and so I neglected Twitter.

A couple of weeks ago I was given some good advice by another writer, Terry Tyler. She was commenting on my guest post for Joanne Phillip‘s blog which I’d written as part of my blog tour to promote my debut novel The Inheritance. She suggested that to publicise myself more online, it would be a good idea to make sure I’m active on Twitter by retweeting about 20 people a day. That way I would likely get more people retweeting my tweets and therefore be seen by more people.

I decided to take Terry’s advice. I’ve been trying to retweet around 20 people a day as she suggested and I’m seeing the results. When you retweet other authors, they really appreciate it – as I do when people retweet my messages about my novel. It leads to more people following you, you have a greater presence online and it helps towards that vital marketing of your book. Your tweets end up being seen not just by your followers, but by their followers too and so on.

I’m going to continue to take a more proactive attitude to using Twitter and harnessing its power to promote my writing. So far it’s paying dividends.

My blog tour links

Blog tour image

In case you’ve missed any of my blog tour dates this week as part of my promotion of my debut novel The Inheritance, you can catch them as follows:

Saturday 14th September: Kate Frost
Monday 16th September: Joanne Phillips
Tuesday 17th September: Jade Reyner
Wednesday 18th September: Briana Vedsted
Thursday 19th September: Martin Lake
Friday 20th September: Laurey Buckland
Sunday 22nd September: Kate Frost

I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog tour.

If you’d like to buy The Inheritance it can be found on Amazon UK and  I’m also on Goodreads and you can contact me on Twitter via @ElaineJeremiah