Chawton House

I live in Bristol, South West England, with my husband and our golden retriever Dug, but I grew up in Jane Austen country, not far from Winchester. I would regularly walk past the house in Winchester where she died and I’ve visited her house at Chawton a number of times. My mother introduced me to her novels when I was a young teenager, so you could say a love of Jane Austen is in my blood!

I’ve been writing in one form or another ever since I can remember, about many varied things. I wrote some great stories when I was at school – I even made up outlandish tales to entertain my younger siblings on long, hot car journeys – but it’s only as an adult that I’ve been able to properly devote time to writing.

My first attempt at writing a novel didn’t go too well; although I completed it, it wasn’t great. But I kept trying and in 2013 I self-published my first novel. Since then I’ve experimented a bit with genres and published a few more novels. It’s taken me a while but I feel like I’ve finally found my niche – Jane Austen fan fiction.

When I’m not writing, I always have a book on the go to fall back on and I’m trying to read as many Jane Austen-related books as I can. I also love taking Dug for walks in the countryside with my husband, talking about Jane Austen with like-minded people and yes, watching television. I must confess I do have just about all of the adaptations of her novels on DVD!

Dug the dog

About my novels

I’ve written four novels, mostly romances but my first, The Inheritance, is a family saga. My latest novel, Love Without Time, is my first Jane Austen fan fiction novel and is also the first in a trilogy. It’s best described as a Jane Austen-inspired time travel romance. The second book in the trilogy, which I’m currently working on, will be called By Time Divided.

All my books are available on Amazon.