Another interview for WIPpet Wednesday

Hi one and all.  I hope you’ve had a good week.   I have, enjoying the long May Day weekend here in the sunny UK.  Seriously, the weather was pretty good for once!! (It nearly always decides to rain in this country every time we have a national holiday!)

Anyway, on with my WIPpet for this week.  Well I guess the title of this blog post is a giveaway – I’m treating you to another interview with a different character from my WIP Reunion of the Heart.

This time I’m interviewing Lizzie.  She is the close friend of Rachel who I interviewed here last week.  When Lizzie, Rachel, my MC Anna and her best friend Melissa were at secondary school, they fell out over a boy. Rachel sided with Lizzie insisted on going out with Matt who’d made Anna’s life a misery.  Anna and Melissa stuck together and so the friendship group was broken.  I won’t say any more as I don’t want to give away too much of the plot.

I should say this interview is quite long, so thank you in advance for taking the time to read it.  One more comment: it doesn’t relate to today’s date (shock horror!).  I’m sure K. L. Schwengel (she of the flying monkeys) is going to shoot me now! 😉  But before she does, here’s my WIPpet:

Me: Hi Lizzie, thanks for agreeing to meet me at such short notice.

Lizzie: Well it was a bit of a pain for me to get here in the rush hour, you could have picked a better time.  But I’m here now.  So what do you want to ask me?

Me: I wanted to get to know you a bit more and to talk to you about your relationship with my main character Anna.  How long have you known her?

L: Since secondary school.  We were in the same PE group in the first year.  (laughs) Anna always hated PE.  She wasn’t bad at running, but didn’t like it because she felt everything wobbled when she ran, you know her boobs and so on.  She had really bad self-esteem; she was a little bit podgy when we were at school but still gorgeous, you know?  Though she could never see it.

Me: Anna told me that you fell out with her over a boy.  Matt, wasn’t it?

L: (face reddens) Is she still going on about that? (angry) Because that was such a long time ago.  I thought we’d made up on that score. (folds arms and glares)

Me: No, no, Anna’s fine with that now.  She’s forgiven you.  But as she’s the main character in my book, I just wanted to make sure that I’ve portrayed her in the right way.   And you too; I’d hate to get my facts wrong. (I fan my hot face with café menu)

L: (leans back in chair and sighs) Well if we really have to talk about it… Yes, we fell out over Matt.  You know, of course, that he and Will made Anna’s life hell when we were at school.  And I’ll always regret that I chose him over Anna.  All those years of friendship wasted for some stupid bloke.  He is as thick as two short planks.  But when we were all at school, he was cute and fun.  All the girls wanted to be with him.  They were so jealous when he chose me. (pauses) It was a stupid mistake on my part.  By the time I realised that Matt and I were going nowhere, it was too late.  We’d just left school.  Anna and I had burned our bridges and there was no going back.  Till the reunion.

Me: Yes, tell me about that.

L: When I got the invite, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to make up with Anna.  But in all honesty, I thought it unlikely that she’d go.  I mean, why would she want to revisit her past, to go back to a place where she’d been so unhappy?  Of course, I had no way of knowing if she’d be there until the evening itself.  Rachel was with me.  I suppose she talked to you about all this?

Me: We focused mainly on your schooldays and the falling out.

L: (nods) Right.  Well when Anna did turn up to the reunion, I knew that this was my chance to make up with her.  Most likely I’d never have another opportunity.  Rachel was keen to speak to Anna too.  (pause) She never forgave herself – or me – for what happened.  I think she must have told you that she sided with me when we were at school?

Me: She did mention it, yes.

L: At the time I appreciated Rachel sticking by me.  We’d been friends pretty much all our lives, so I was glad not to lose her friendship.  (sighs) I told myself that Anna and Melissa were overreacting to me dating Matt.  But deep down, I think I always knew that by choosing my casual relationship with Matt over my friendship with Anna, I was making a big mistake.

Me: Why did it take so long for you and Anna to make up?  Couldn’t you have contacted her before?

L: (irritated) What is this, the Spanish Inquisition? (has a long sip of coffee)  OK, if you really need to know, I wasn’t sure where she was living for one thing.  I had no idea she was still in Warston.  But also I didn’t know how she’d react if I tried to track her down and contact her.  Then there’s the fact that in a way I wanted to save face.  As the years went by I felt… embarrassed by the whole thing.  Matt was at the reunion.  I hadn’t seen him for years, but when I did I could barely believe I’d ever seen anything in him.  I mean, the man’s a joke.  It’s like he’s stuck in the late nineties. (pauses, tucking a strand of hair behind her ears) Anymore questions while you’re at it?

Me: Only one, what’s your relationship like with Anna and Melissa now?

L: (brightens) Oh it’s great.  The four of us went to a spa together not long after the reunion.  Did Anna tell you about that? (I nod)  It was fabulous.  It’s like no time had passed since we were friends at school.  All those years when we weren’t in touch – they’ve vanished.

Me: I’m really glad to hear that Lizzie.  Is there anything else you want to say?

L: Only this, that I think Anna deserves to be so happy.  She’s a wonderful friend and would make the right man the perfect partner.

Me: Thanks for talking to me Lizzie.

L: You’re welcome. (looks at watch) Oh crumbs, is that the time?  I must go.  See you.

If you’ve never taken part in WIPpet Wednesday and would like to, just post on your blog anything you’ve been working on writing-wise lately.  Ideally it should relate in some way to the date – my contribution today didn’t!  Then add your name to this.

Big shout out goes to K. L. Schwengel for hosting. 🙂

26 thoughts on “Another interview for WIPpet Wednesday

  1. She’s a bit of an impatient one, isn’t she?! But she seems to have a bit of heart deeper down.

    I kind of want to write these for my MCs now. It might help me get back into the writing groove.


  2. Shoot you? Nonsense. I don’t own a gun, that would be…dangerous. *smiles sweetly* But I do have an in with some flying monkeys and they’ve been awfully low-key of late. Rather morose. I’m not sure what’s wrong with them besides the fact they haven’t been doing much so…*flings open window, stands back* Fly, my darlings! Fly!

    *ahem* Wonderful interview. I wasn’t all that thrilled with Lizzie at the beginning. Seems like her and I would butt heads. But she loosened up a bit so that by the end I didn’t not like her as much. 😉


    1. Well I’m thankful that you’re not going to shoot me Kathi! I rather like being alive. :-p But I’m still a bit cautious about annoying your monkeys… So they’ve been morose have they? Maybe you need to feed them some bananas. My dog likes bananas and I’ve heard monkeys do too so it’s worth a try!! 😉

      Yeah Lizzie can be a pain. She’s very dynamic and determined to do what she wants. She definitely needs taking down a peg or two at times!


  3. I love the character interviews! Lizzie seems not only impatient but a bit shallow. Or maybe that’s just me and I’m misreading her. I can’t decide if I truly like her or not.


    1. Yes Lizzie can be a bit shallow at times. She really genuinely regrets falling out with Anna though, and not making up with her and Melissa for so long. I think as a person Lizzie is someone who grows on you.


  4. I love how much about Lizzie and Anna you’ve included in these WIPs. I really appreciate all the scenes I’ve read to date about their friendship, so this was a fun interview!


  5. Is “crumbs” an actual British alternative curse word? I always thought it was an Angelina Ballerina thing. 🙂 Lizzie is a little spit-fire, Isn’t she? Sounds like a gal who gets what she wants.


    1. ‘Crumbs’ is not a swear word, not even here – as far as I know!! It’s a milder way of saying ‘oh ***t!’ or something like that, a bit like when you’re a little flustered or something.

      Lizzie would like to always get what she wants; unfortunately for her that doesn’t always happen!


  6. Lives very much in the “now” this Lizzie does… Makes me wonder what other things in her past she’d like to not talk about. 😀


    1. Yes, living in the now – that’s Lizzie! And I’m sure there are other things in her past she doesn’t want to talk about. She hasn’t told me yet that’s for sure…


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