More editing…

The new improved version of my novel Reunion of the Heart is starting to take shape.  I’ve been plugging away at it this evening.  I’m changing a lot, with the notes from the beta readers, but the story will basically stay the same.

I’m finding the editing challenging, in a good way.  There’s a lot to do and I just hope what I’m doing doesn’t take me too long as I’d ideally like to publish it by the autumn at the latest.  That may sound like ages away to you, but I tend to work fairly slowly so it may actually take me that long!

It is interesting going through the comments from the beta readers and seeing what they have to say, as well as making some of the changes they’ve suggested.  One thing I wondered when I finished the first draft, which they confirmed, is that it wasn’t romantic enough.

So I’m working on making it more romantic.  Because that’s what it is – a romance.  It may be my way of telling a romantic story, but clearly if I want to write a romance, it’s got to be just that – romantic!  It certainly is a lot of fun spicing things up a bit!!

I’m wondering if any of you have had that problem?  Have any of you found during your first draft (or even beyond), that your romance wasn’t romantic enough, or that there weren’t enough thrills in your thriller, or that your version of history wasn’t accurate enough for your historical novel?

I’d love to hear your experiences.

6 thoughts on “More editing…

  1. I took a quick squiz through your latest blog posts and love how you’re spending time on the editing and especially on making some changes based on beta reader feedback. There are FAR too many (bad) writers out there who refuse to improve their work, but take offence at their low ratings.

    I’m also in the editing phase of a short book and can appreciate the process. And yes, my horror doesn’t have enough horror right now… hence the need to go back again… and again… and – you guessed it – again.

    When you’re done, if you would like a free review, I do them here:

    Good luck! Looking forward to reading more of your posts 😀


    1. Hi Cole. Thanks for your lovely comment, that’s really encouraging. I’m now following your blog too! 🙂 I will certainly take you up on the offer of a free review when my novel’s published, that would be wonderful, thank you.

      As I said in my post, the editing is going well – I’m actually really enjoying it – but it’s a little daunting because of all there is to do. But I’m getting there slowly but surely.


      1. What’s that analogy about creating diamonds… plenty of pressure and LOTS of time? That’s how good books are made too 🙂


  2. I’m slow at editing and need to amp up my romance too. I hope I get faster with practice.
    Good luck with your editing and hang in there. 🙂


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