More great blogs I’m following


A few weeks ago I posted a list of all the blogs I’m following. Well I’ve added some more since then. Here’s a list of them. Check them out – they’re worth a look.

Amber Roettger The official website for the author.
Bookendings The greatest site in all the land!
Briana Vedsted My blog is about how I became an author, what steps I took and how it all started
Celuth Twyned Earth // Celuth’s World of Writing
Destiny Allison My blog on art, life, and writing
Ionia Martin An opinion on everything literary
Jade Reyner Jade’s Jungle | A Self-Publishing Safari
Jennifer M Eaton A Reference of Writing Rants for Writers or ‘Learn from My Mistakes’
Joanne Phillips A writer’s journey
Kait Nolan Action packed paranormal romance
Kate Sparkes Life, writing, kids, dragons- not necessarily in that order
L. Marie Thoughts about writing and life
Lauralynn Elliot Vampires and Wizards and Ghosts…oh my!
Rhiann Wynn-Nolet A Nest of Words
Shanjeniah Writing My Life; Trusting My Self….

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