Valentine’s Day Specials!

Why not check out one of my favourite author’s great books? It’s the perfect read for Valentine’s Day.

Joanne Phillips

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my lovely fellow bloggers and blog readers 🙂 What are you up to today? Do you celebrate V day with roses and a candlelit dinner for two, or do you prefer to ignore it and pretend it doesn’t exist?

I’m a bit of a romantic – you never would have guessed, right? – so I’m firmly in the first camp. Although, the candlelit dinner will probably just be a Chinese takeaway in front of the fire while watching TV, and I do think roses are a waste of money, not to mention a rip off …

Maybe not so much of a romantic after all 😉

Still, I do have a couple of special promotions to celebrate the fact that romance is in the air – the first of which is happening in our lovely local book shop, aptly named ‘BookShrop’ (it’s a book shop…

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