Limited time “Soulless” Sale!

Check out my fellow author’s novel while it’s cut price!

L.S. Engler

Psst. Guess what? I’m holding my very first ebook sale! The Slayer Saga: Soulless is currently on sale for only $0.99. That’s right. About the same as a can of beans, and far more enjoyable, too.

I’m not exactly sure how long I’m going to run this promotion, so snag it up while you can, if you haven’t already! And share the sale with your friends so they can get a great new book at a good low price.

Bowlful of Bunnies has always been dirt-cheap, so no sale there, since I haven’t quite figured out how to do the whole free promotion thing yet. Still, it’s a pretty good price if you haven’t it up yet, or might want to share it with your friends.

Now that I have two books, I want to play around more with the idea of sales, which I hear become more effective when…

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