Workplace Blog Hop


Last week Charles Yallowitz tagged me in a blog hop. It’s to show a picture and talk about your workplace. Then I get to nominate some other bloggers to do the same. πŸ™‚

So this is it: the photo on the left is my desk with my pink (yes pink!) laptop where I work. (As well as my pink camera and phone case! Yes all right, I do have a thing for pink – I just like the colour!) And no the desk isn’t always that tidy lol! I’ve had to play around with how I position everything because I was getting an aching back and limbs.

I got myself the most expensive desk chair that Ikea do, as well as a footrest, stand for my laptop and plug-in keyboard. So now I only get a slightly aching back at times! Honestly I would say I have terrible posture – I never seem to get it right at home or at work.

Anyway my desk is at one end of the dining room, facing the window where I can see our lovely trees at the end of our drive. We are in the middle of a city, but it is a leafy one and I love it! So the view from my deskΒ isn’t half bad. πŸ™‚

I try to write whenever I feel able – I’d like to say I write every day but it just doesn’t happen. I’ve got this lingering virus which isn’t helping at the moment either. Last week I was away for a few days. Hubby, dog and I went down to Cornwall (SW England) for a couple of nights, which was lovely but did mean that I didn’t get any writing done. After that I felt unwell so today is my first writing day for a week!

So that’s me. Here’s the list of bloggers I’m nominating. Apologies if you’ve already done it – I will totally understand if you don’t want to do it again!

Shehanne Moore

Adrian J Smith

Sarah Hart

ReGi McClain


10 thoughts on “Workplace Blog Hop

    1. It is indeed! And we’ve got a real one too – about a year after that film came out (which we loved – it’s my favourite animated film of all time!) we got our real golden retriever and named him Dug after the dog in Up! I have to say the dog in Up is better behaved than ours!!! :-p

      We’ve also got a bigger toy Dug – one that when you press his paw he says things and barks and so on! (Yes we are big kids!)


      1. He’s a bit unsure of it lol. Dug (the real one!) is generally a confident dog, was absolutely awful as a puppy (couldn’t do anything with him), is much better now but sometimes gets a bit unnerved by something if he’s not sure what it is/does. He also likes to bark at the neighbour’s dogs (though they do set him off) and he barks if anything’s out of the ordinary – like hot air balloons! πŸ™‚

        Do you have any pets?


  1. I feel the same way about turquoise. It’s lovely to have turquoise touches all through my windowless little study. I love that you have trees in a city. Cities need trees.

    In my experience, retrievers are incredibly boisterous pups, but settle after about age 2. My daughter would love a golden, but we’ve been spoiled by our Vizsla/pit bull mix, who has a short and simple coat…

    Sending you lots and lots of healthy thoughts! =D


    1. Your healthy thoughts are working! And I agree – turquoise is a lovely colour. When I was buying this laptop I was torn between it and the turquoise one.

      Yes, cities definitely need trees! A short and simple coat on a dog is nice… but I do love cuddling my dog’s silky, soft furry coat!


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