The Flora Lively Series Revamped

Read this great update by Joanne Phillips on her ‘Flora Lively’ series!

Joanne Phillips

Today I’ve got news of another revamp, and this time it’s a biggie! The first in my Flora Lively series of contemporary mysteries with a romantic slant has undergone a complete transformation, ready for the launch of the audio book this month and the next in the series later this year.

Now, there was nothing intrinsically wrong with the old cover – in fact it was really lovely. But, the cover wasn’t working as well as it should. It wasn’t attracting the right audience, and this was a real problem.

Part of the problem with Murder at the Maples is that it is a genre-mixing book. Described (mainly by me) as ‘Bridget Jones meets Midsomer Murders’, the Flora Lively series is intended to combine elements of the chick lit/contemporary romance novel with the light, or cozy, mystery genre. Of course, mixing genres is always a tricky thing to pull off…

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