An update on how things are right now

Well I didn’t make WIPpet Wednesday this week.  Truth be told I didn’t have anything new that I’d written to share.  I’ve been busy and Wednesday just crept up on me so quickly.  I kept umming and ahhing over whether to write something at the last minute to share, but in the end I decided not to.  I was so tired I couldn’t face it.

Anyway the reason I’m busy and tired is that a couple of weeks ago I started another work placement with Bristol City Council (UK). Reason being that after I left the paid job I was doing, I decided rather than spend a lot of time on my own with only a bit of job hunting to do, I would do something constructive with my time, put the job hunting on hold and go back to the council.

I’m with a different team this time, but they’re just as lovely as the first team and I’m really enjoying it.  I felt I needed the experience and confidence boosting that the placement at the council would give me. I’m not that accustomed to the world of work due to illness over the years, so doing things this way gives me time to increase my skills and confidence.

I’m doing admin with the aim of being able to get a job in that field later on.  I enjoy working as part of a team with all the camaraderie that entails.  It’s good for me – I couldn’t have coped working alone in the job I left which you can read about here.

So what about my writing?  Well today I finished my editing of Reunion of the Heart (yay!) and I’m going to send my manuscript (via email of course) to my mum for proofreading.  The catch is that I haven’t timed things very well – she and my dad are off walking the Camino (the pilgrims’ trail in Spain) and won’t be back for another couple of weeks at the earliest!

Oh well.  That gives me time to go back to my WIP which I began working on before I started editing Reunion of the Heart.  Apart from all this I’m trying to blog as much as I can and follow as many blogs as I can.  I’m failing miserably at keeping up with all the emails of blog posts I’m getting – but hey I’m only human and I can’t look at everything.  So I’m picking and choosing, trying at least to comment on those blogs of people who’ve done me the courtesy of commenting on mine.

Talking of blogging, I’ve linked my blog to Facebook and Twitter (and then got really surprised when the number of my blog followers leapt from 181 to over 2200 lol!!).  So I’m hoping that’ll help me to give it a bit more exposure.  I also want to link up to some more social media sites – but all in good time.  At the moment I’m finding it hard to keep up with life – though things are good they’re busy and a little bit hectic. By my standards anyway!

So hopefully I can get Reunion of the Heart published by the end of the summer (hopefully being the operative word!!).  I’ll keep you posted as and when that happens.

How is your writing going at the moment?

8 thoughts on “An update on how things are right now

  1. I’m glad you’re enjoying your new job. My writing is going pretty well just now – at the moment I’m writing and editing some vampire short stories to feature on a friend’s blog. 🙂


  2. Elaine! I’ve missed WIP Wednesday for weeks now. There’s been a ton of transition yet again in my life. I’ll be moving to a new city by the end of the month. Any free time has been devoted to editing, so blogging hasn’t happened for a while. I’m just returning from a two day writing retreat, as I call it, but I went to my mom’s house. She lives alone and it’s super peaceful. Exactly the atmosphere I needed to crank out the sequel to The Hall Speaks.

    On a good note, I’ve been invited to present my novel at a scholarship festival for high school students. Here’s a market I’m eager to reach. 😉

    I’ll have to start packing for the move, but hope to pick up blogging again this week. Oh, what to write about… 🙂


    1. Hi Chloe. Good to hear from you again. Yes I had noticed your absence from WW but it’s definitely understandable from what you’ve said. Hope the move goes well for you and your family. Glad I’m not the only one who isn’t quite keeping up!!!


      1. Haha! And you’re keeping up just fine. It will all come together as it should and at the right time. As writers we can be so hard on ourselves. Great post by the way, and congrats on gaining so many followers! 🙂


  3. Hi Elaine, it was good to read your update. I’m glad you have another book coming out. I am writing a lot of poetry with the idea of publishing on Amazon once I have enough material. I set up a blog on WordPress about a week ago and am already getting some response, which is exciting. I’ll be in the UK next week with Owen — I’ll get to see your Mum and Dad when they get back from the Camino. I hope we’ll see you too. Lots of love, Marilyn


    1. Hi Marilyn. So lovely to hear from you and thank you for your kind wishes. I’ve taken a look at your blog – it’s looking great. I hope very much that you can publish your poetry soon on Amazon. It’d be lovely for it to get a bigger audience.

      I would love to see you and Owen when you’re over here. Hopefully we can arrange something once Mum and Dad are back.

      Love Elaine.x


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