My blogging journey

This is kind of a follow up from my post the other day which you can read here.  I really wasn’t sure what to blog about today, but I knew I wanted to say something.  So now I’ve come up with it!

I’ve been rethinking my blogging and how much I comment on other people’s blogs.  Yes I want more people following my blog. Don’t we all?  But how do I go about that?

John Guillen commented on my blog and suggested that I could gain more followers by commenting on other people’s blogs, which I do but not enough.  So I’m starting to do that more.

Eileen Slovak commented too, saying that she likes to write a number of blog posts on the same subject. My husband suggested I follow lots of blogs; that way people see that I’m following them and maybe they’ll follow me back.

As I mentioned in the previous post, it’s also about content and whether or not that appeals to people. Another aspect is linking to other blogs.

I guess really it’s a combination of all of the above, as well as putting in the hard work that will hopefully, eventually, pay off.  So I’m going to keep working away at it, keep blogging and of course writing.

What are your tips for a successful blog?



15 thoughts on “My blogging journey

  1. The thing is that you don’t want followers. You want people to interact with you. I probably have 700-800 followers who have never Liked or commented on anything. I don’t understand that. That’s why just following other blogs isn’t enough.


  2. Commenting is where you’ll get attention and people following. But I’ve found remaining active on your blog is more important. You need to give people something to comment on. Poetry seems to get a lot of attention. Tags are important too.


    1. That’s interesting that you say that Charles, about being active on your blog. I think you’re right – it’s so important and of course if there’re no blog posts there’re no comments! I’ve learnt to use tags too and that definitely helps to generate followers of my blog. 🙂


  3. Content, content, content. Regular posts, leaving a question at the end of a post, starting a discussion. By following lots of other blogs you get to see what people do that works, if it fits your theme, use their idea. The April A-Z challenge is massive now and draws in lots of new bloggers and you can check out bloggers from their list all year long, very useful. Keep you blog fresh. Have new ideas/ pages/ widgets going on. Look at your blog from the home page, be critical, what would make you click links? What interests you about the blog? Imagine it’s a magazine in a shop, what would make you pick it up? Keep experimenting. Hope this helps.


    1. Yes, that’s very helpful Rosie. It’s especially interesting what you say about keeping my blog fresh and your suggestions of how to do that. Hope you’re having a great bank holiday weekend. 🙂


  4. Hi, Elaine!

    I’ve recently made it a point to vusit back when people visit me. I have found some awesome blogs that way!

    I also like joining memes like WIPpet Wednesday, and larger challenges (ROW80 is amazing and changed my writing life; I’m loving all I’m learning and the feedback I’m getting for my Story A Day this month).

    I try to give slices of my life as it is, because people live in many ways, and I figure our way (a little more than a little on the unique side) might be interesting to people who understand it, and also to those who find it a bit hard to imagine…

    And I add Vulcans liberally (wait, that’s probably not good advice for everyone….)

    I’ve found that the more fun I’m having, the more fun those who come to comment seem to be having, too!

    For what it’s worth, I enjoy visiting you!


    1. Ah thank you Shanjeniah, that’s good to hear! And you’ve got some great suggestions on how to get more traffic to this blog. In fact everyone who’s commented on this blog post has been really helpful. It seems to me that to have a successful blog, I’ve got to do a combination of everything that’s been suggested to me.

      Hope you’re having a lovely weekend. (I’ll skip the Vulcans if you don’t mind! 😉 )


  5. You have some great advice here Elaine and I may well borrow some of it! Hope that you get some new followers and feedback from the changes. Good luck with it all! 🙂


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