Call for beta readers

Hi everyone.

I’ve finished the first round of editing of my novel Reunion of the Heart and I’m currently reading through it again, correcting and amending as I go.

I would like to send it out to beta readers soon, so if you would be interested in reading it and letting me know what you think, please get in touch.

I only need a few people to beta read, so really it’s on a first come, first served basis. Β This novel is very much a romance, so won’t be to everyone’s taste. Β But if you think you might like to be a beta reader for me, please let me know.

My email address is: elaine (dot) jeremiah (at) gmail (dot) com

Thank you! πŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “Call for beta readers

  1. Hi Elaine I would love to be a beta reader for you, what a good idea! My preferred writing genre is romance so this would be ideal, maybe when I have finished the gruelling task of editing you might be able to read mine as well. It’s hard to find beta readers from within your circle of family and friends you never know if their feedback is impartial or tainted by their feelings for you. I’ll send you an email, if you already have enough people that’s fine. Great idea.


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