Meeting her new agent

Hello and welcome to my contribution to this week’s WIPpet Wednesday.

Thank you so much to all of you who gave me suggestions for the title of my novel.  In case you didn’t catch my earlier post, some weeks ago I did an Amazon search for Reunion just to double check that there wasn’t too similar a book with the same title. Unfortunately there was so I needed to come up with another title.

I was  stumped but Xina Marie Uhl and Kate Frost separately came up with the title Reunion of the Heart.  I really like it.  Seeing as it’s a romance I think it’s a great title as I want to ground it in the romance genre if that makes sense.  I needed a title that people who were wanting to read in that genre would be able to find and recognise it as being a romance.

So a big thank you to Xina Marie and Kate!

Back to the main event.  Continuing my spate of generosity in terms of length of excerpts I share, here’s two paragraphs from chapter five of my novel for the 5th February.  I’m hopping about a bit with my excerpts.  This one is a bit further on from last week’s.  My MC Anna, who’s an author, has just walked in to her new agent’s office.

She glanced surreptitiously around her.  It was the same office his predecessor Geoffrey had used but it was a lot different now.  It looked a little as though World War Three had hit it.  There were half emptied boxes on the floor with their contents spewing out.  The books on the shelves which lined three walls of the room were arranged haphazardly, some standing vertically, others lying horizontally in piles waiting to be arranged properly. And Peter’s desk.  That was a work of art in itself – a work in disorderliness.  Anna couldn’t even see the desk through all of the papers and books that covered it.  She smothered a smile as he rooted around his desk trying to find something.

‘Ah ha.  Here we are,’ he said brandishing the piece of paper in his hand like a sword.  ‘Before we start I should reassure you that I’ve read all your books and thoroughly enjoyed them.’  Anna felt her face flush with pleasure.  Peter went on, ‘These are some of the notes that Geoffrey gave me which relate to you and to how things are with your work.  But in all honesty, I’d rather hear from you.  What stage are you at with your current work in progress?’

Hope you enjoyed that. 🙂 If you don’t already take part in WIPpet Wednesday and would like to, simply post on your blog an excerpt of whatever you’ve written lately which relates to the date.  Then add your details here.

Thank you K. L. Schwengel for hosting.

18 thoughts on “Meeting her new agent

  1. I love the title!! Hurray. That does sound much better and definitely says ‘romance’. 🙂

    My father always said, a clean, uncluttered desk is the sign of a sick mind. Okay, maybe he got that from someone else, but obviously Peter doesn’t have anything to worry about. Nice to get a real glimpse at his disordered self.


    1. Thank you Kathi, so glad you approve. I have to say I’m a bit like Peter at times – I can be quite messy but like you say it’s better than being perfectly tidy. That’s what I like to think anyway! 🙂


      1. I prefer to think of it as organized chaos. Besides, desks wouldn’t have tops if you weren’t meant to pile things on them. Right?


  2. I’m very glad to have helped with the title and happy that you’ve found a new one that you’re happy with! I think it should work very well as a romance title much more so than simply Reunion.

    The descriptions in this extract are really great – I have a vivid image of Peter’s cluttered room and desk. It shows a bit of his personality too and I’d imagine he’d be more lively and fun than someone with a perfectly neat office.


  3. Ohh I like the title!! They can be tricky thoughts, so group efforts make it all worth it 😀

    Great extract! The descriptions are great, and I like what Peter’s gestures and tone say about him. Even without a lot of dialogue, the scenes gives some great insight.


    1. Oh thank you, everyone seems to be loving it which is fab! I think I’m somewhere in between Peter and a very tidy person. My desk might be tidy at times but it wouldn’t necessarily be clean… I’m hopeless at getting round to dusting. Mind you if it was a work situation, I guess someone else would be responsible for dusting it lol.


  4. I also love the title and your excerpt!
    Peter’s desk is like mine, sad to say. I probably need to clean. But I know where everything is, just like Peter seems to know.


  5. Wow, I’m so glad I was able to help with your title! It definitely communicates your genre. Wonderful!

    Great excerpt! Ah, yes, the messy desk. I know a little about that phenomena. Nice look at your author’s personality when she flushes at a compliment, too.


  6. It’s funny how many of us can relate to the mess on Peter’s desk.

    Just a thought though… Should there be a hyphen between half and emptied in that first paragraph? Oh, and, found “disorderliness” hit me a bit odd (could be an “across the Pond thing”)… though I loved the fact that Anna sees the artistry of it. 😀


  7. I’m kind of obsessive about the tidiness of my desk so I have to admit as I was reading that description of Peter’s, my head was tilting slightly to one side and my lips were becoming tightly pressed together. It was quite vivid. 😀


    1. Ah thank you Emily. Glad I got that response!! I’m somewhere in between you and Peter I think. But having a tidy desk is definitely a good thing and something I aspire to. I find that having drawers nearby that I can stuff things into to keep my desk clear helps lol. 🙂


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