In a precarious position

Gosh is it really that time of the week again?  Where has the week gone?  Anyway, hello to all you WIPpeteers old and new.

I’m going to be extra lazy today.   Not only am I not putting an image with this post, I’m only giving you 35 words from chapter 11 of my WIP Reunion for 20th November.  How did I come up with 35 words I hear you say?  Well here comes the WIPpet Wednesday maths: 20 + 11 + 2 + 3 – 1 = 35

Aren’t I brilliant? 😉 Especially seeing as I’ve spent nearly a week nursing a hideous cold complete with a hacking cough. 😦

At this point in the story my MC Anna has been shopping.  It’s evening, the shops are closing and she’s trying to make her way home.

Someone was calling her name.  Who?  By now she was at the end of the pedestrianized shopping area of Warston and was standing precariously on the edge of the busy main road out of town.

Fancy joining us for WIPpet Wednesday?  All you need to do is post on your blog an excerpt of whatever you’re currently working on writing wise.  One rule: your excerpt must relate in some way to the date.  Then add your name to this linky. Big hugs go to K. L. Schwengel for being a wonderful host for all us WIPpeteers! 🙂

12 thoughts on “In a precarious position

    1. Thanks L. Marie. Been having plenty of rest thanks and feeling a lot better than I was though still not fully recovered. 🙂 Hope your writing’s coming on well. Have you considered joining us for WIPpet Wednesday?


  1. Boo to having a cold, I hope you’re better soon!

    After reading that, I was picturing Anna wandering home from shopping with a cold. That always makes me muzzy-headed, so I was going “Wait! Don’t walk out into traffic!” XD


    1. No technically she’s OK – better than me ha ha. Although she’s in a bit of a spin. But something not so great happens shortly after this excerpt. Now I’ve got you guessing haven’t I?! Mwahahahaha!!


  2. Ugh. Colds. Blech. I usually take my mother’s remedy — hot tea with honey and Brandy. Sweats the mucus and assorted other ailments out of you and helps you sleep.


  3. It is so not good to hear that you’ve been sick, Elaine. Many, many hugs (they’re just as important, or maybe more so, when you’re on the uptake as when things are really bad).

    I get a feeling that this piece signifies a transition… Good, bad… Not sure.


    1. Ah thanks Eden. The hugs are working… they’re sending the cold away hee hee!

      This piece is kind of the very beginning of a transition. Reading it in context helps. Which hopefully you will one day… 🙂


  4. Ugh. Colds! They’re definitely going around right now – I hope you feel better soon!

    For some reason this short snippet reminded me of a place in Dublin that my husband and I visited while we were on our honeymoon. It’ll be interesting to see who is calling her. Hopefully not her ex.


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