WIPpet Wednesday again!


Well I’m knackered. I’ve just done over 1000 words on my WIP and whilst that may not be a lot to you NaNoWriMo people, it’s a lot to me!!

So I’m going to keep this short but sweet. Today being the 13th November, I’m sharing 13 lines from chapter 11. How’s that for simple?! Anyway at this point in Reunion, my current WIP, my MC Anna is miserable (again!) because her best friend Melissa is moving out of her home and into her own place.

Melissa moved in after Anna kicked her erstwhile boyfriend out. She’s been a shoulder for Anna to cry on, oh and she needed somewhere to live. So it was a win win situation. But now she’s moving to a new house a mere 10 minute drive away from Anna’s. Well, enough of that. Here it is. Enjoy!

The winter sunlight created soft dancing shadows on the bedroom wall. Anna blinked in the low light as she watched her best friend heave the last of her big suitcases out of the spare room.

Melissa’s announcement had seemed so sudden. Only a few months ago she’d told her that she wanted to look for a place of her own.

‘I can’t stay with you forever, Anna,’ she’d said as they sipped their wine one evening in the garden. It was late August and they’d been sitting on the comfortable, elegant wicker chairs Anna only brought outside when it was warm. That evening the weather was soft and balmy; a gentle breeze caressed Anna’s bare shoulders.

‘I know.’ Anna sighed distracted by a beautiful butterfly fluttering around the rosebush adjacent to their seats.

‘I mean, I just feel I need my own place, my own space, somewhere that’s mine. That’s not to say that I haven’t enjoyed living with you, because I have. I’ve loved every minute of it.’

Anna nodded and gave her friend a big smile which she didn’t feel.

If you would like to join in the WIPpet Wednesday fun, all you have to do is post an excerpt from your current WIP on your blog. The rule is it must relate in some way to the date. Then add your name to this linky. Thanks goes to K. L. Schwengel for hosting. 🙂

23 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday again!

  1. YAY FOR 1K!!! I know how you feel!! That’s what I’ve been managing on most days in NaNo. Any progress feels awesome 🙂

    Ugh, so a boyfriend breakup and now a friend moving out, too? (If, that is, this is going in chronological order) Poor Anna. That’s rough!


    1. Oh thank you so much Sarah! It does feel amazing to write that much in one day and actually it didn’t feel like a huge effort either which was nice. The words just flowed. 🙂

      Yes, this is chronological order though there’s quite a big gap between Elliot being kicked out and Melissa moving out.


  2. They say that slow and steady wins the race. Since you’ve already got a book out and a lot of 50K NaNo-ers don’t… well, you know. 😀

    It’s hard to focus on the changes going on around us when we’re still processing the past. Sounds as if Anna’s been blindsided by her own inability to find a resolution to Elliot’s betrayal.


    1. Ah thank you Eden. Reading that has made my day! 😀 And I’m a bit poorly today so lovely comments like that help.

      As for Anna… well I’m not going to give away too much of the plot but I will say that she’s not doing too badly at this point but even so losing Melissa so to speak is a bit of a wrench. You know, when you get used to people being around – obviously you do if they’re a housemate – when they move on it can be difficult.


  3. Ugh, my BFF sort of pulled this on me. Nothing bitter between us, but I wouldn’t be lying if I didn’t say it still sucks. 😦 I really feel for Anna.


      1. Ah so you speak from experience. That must be tough. I’m glad it resonated with you esp as I haven’t actually been in that situation myself, so it’s kind of guesswork. 🙂 Hope you’re at a better point in your life now.


      2. It’s slow going, but I’m getting there. Tips for your poor character, have her find things that remind her of the fun times they had together in the apartment they shared just as she was coming to terms with it and let it sink her again. Fortunately that’s happening a little less for me lately. 😉 But thanks for your concern. 🙂


    1. Apologies for missing your comment Christina. Exactly – Melissa’s right, everyone needs their own space. Whilst living with a close friend can be a lot of fun, if it’s not really your house it won’t feel entirely like your own home.


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