A brief WIPpet for Wednesday


Hi all. I have a confession to make. I haven’t done much work on Reunion lately. BUT I have an excuse – I’m applying to lots of free promo websites in preparation for The Inheritance being free on Amazon for 5 days.

It may not sound like it, but it’s actually quite a lot of work and time consuming.  When I’m not doing that or blogging I’m working/doing housework/walking and looking after the dog and soon the hours are just gone.  My husband’s got it right when he says there are simply not enough hours in the day!  I do plan to get back to working on Reunion every day though, a.s.a.p.

The days of my free promotion are Thursday 31st October to Monday 4th November. I’m looking forward to it and actually enjoying working my way through the list of free promo websites, from my good friend and fellow author Kate Frost, which list those books that are free to download.

If you haven’t already bought The Inheritance, you may like to get yourself a free copy… Anyway enough of the shameless self promotion, back to the main topic in hand today which is the excerpt from Reunion I’m sharing.

Seeing as it’s 23rd October today and I’m feeling mean, I thought I’d share with you just 25 words from chapter 10. My maths goes like this: 23 (for the day) + 2 (from 2013) = 25. And to be extra mean I’m not telling you where in the story this excerpt comes from except to say that the viewpoint is, as usual, my main character Anna’s. Here you go:

For some reason in that moment she almost came out of herself, seeing her own life as a stranger might – a movie script playing out.

So there you have it. Aren’t I cruel??!! If you’d like to take part in WIPpet Wednesday all you have to do is post an excerpt of whatever you’re currently working on writing-wise on your blog. The only rule is that it has to relate in some way to the date. Then add your details to this linky. Thanks goes to K. L. Schwengel for hosting. 🙂

22 thoughts on “A brief WIPpet for Wednesday

  1. I’ve done that, come out of myself in moments and watched it from the outside. It helps in difficult situations. And you’re only slightly meaner than I am. Tomorrow, my WIPpet will be 33 words (10+23). Mwahahahaha


    1. Oooh that’s meeeeeeean! But as you say not as mean as me!! Yes, I’ve done the same as you and my character. Sometimes I can look at myself from the outside as if I’m seeing me as someone else would, especially when I’m looking at my reflection in a mirror. Feels interesting but slightly weird!


  2. Nice! That’s an interesting viewpoint to have, seeing yourself as a stranger, a coping mechanism for when things get too much. I might go one better with my WIPpet and post just 8 words (requires ingenious WIPpet maths!).


    1. Only 8 words? You are a tough cookie!! For me posting a sentence was me being a bit lazy but also not wanting to give too much of the plot away which I think will be an ongoing problem. 🙂


    1. Thanks L. Marie. I am SO glad I’m not living in a goldfish bowl (metaphorically speaking) like in The Truman Show or, for example, as a celebrity is. Worse still is if you’re born into a royal family – then you have no choice but to be on display at times. I think it’s particularly bad for members of the British monarchy which is still quite high profile world-wide.


  3. yeesh, lots of people being “mean” today, but makes it easier on me. lol. I’ve so had moments like that, when everything seems so unreal! Great excerpt!!


  4. Ooh, I quite like this, even without any context! Now I want to know what triggered the out-of-body experience!

    I started reading The Inheritance today! I’ve given up the time travel book my friend leaned me, and this was the next on my list.


  5. Hooray for the upcoming booktour… even if it does come out as a bit stressful at the moment. 😀

    I used to have that experience a lot more than I have lately. I kind of miss it. Though… I’m not sure I should really be envying Anna right now. :-/


    1. Thanks Eden. Without giving too much of the plot away, Anna’s unsure of her feelings at this point in the story. She’s seeing her life from the outside. I’ve had that experience before and it’s a strange feeling.


    1. Thanks very much. Good to read your comments. Glad I’m not the only one who sometimes struggles to find the time to write. I often have to make time, shunt other things out of the way and force myself to focus on it. Like this evening. I managed to get over 800 words written which is good for me so I’m happy!


  6. Yes, that was really short! But I really enjoyed it. I wonder what happened to Anna to make her have such an out of body experience – is she in a stressful situation or has something worse happened?


    1. She’s in a kind of stressful situation, more confused and unsure though really. She’s unsure about a guy and whether she’s keen on him or not. She’s not long come out of a relationship where she had a nasty breakup (see last week’s WIPpet) and everything feels like it’s going too fast for her.


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