Out for another meal – WIPpet Wednesday


It’s that time of the week again when we WIPpeteers come together to share some of the lovely stuff we’ve been working on writing-wise.  And yes I know I’m posting this early yet again (it’s 8pm on Tuesday UK time!) but I find it easier this way.

For my contribution this week I’m sharing another excerpt from my WIP Reunion. I’ve been finding it quite hard to choose extracts that are interesting but which don’t give too much of the plot away!  Anyway I thought I’d share with you 9 lines from chapter 10 as it’s the 9th October today.   🙂

At this point in the story my MC Anna is out for another meal with her new literary agent Peter. This time she’s come to London on her own to see him. Enjoy!

By now they’d finished their starters and were on to the main course. Her meal – salmon covered liberally with a creamy Hollandaise sauce – was delicious. As she ate Anna listened to Peter, engrossed by his tale of how he became a literary agent.

He told her that whilst at university he’d decided he wanted to be a literary agent, but he hadn’t realised that to do that he’d have to gain experience in the publishing industry first. She laughed at his tale of having to live off baked beans on toast and nothing else for a month whilst living in a poky bedsit in London as he applied everywhere for a job.

‘I was getting desperate,’ he admitted. ‘The guy who lived across the hall from me told me I’d be better off getting a job in Tesco.’ Anna snorted with laughter at this. ‘Yes, I can laugh about it too now,’ Peter said. 

If you would like to take part in WIPpet Wednesday, simply post an excerpt of whatever you’ve been working on writing-wise recently on your blog. The only rule is that it has to relate in some way to the date.

Then add your name to this linky. Thanks goes to K. L. Schwengel for hosting. Until next time!

22 thoughts on “Out for another meal – WIPpet Wednesday

  1. Ooh another extract featuring food! So, Anna’s on her own with him this time… will there be romance brewing I wonder? Sounds like Peter was wise not to listen to the advice about getting a job in Tesco.


  2. Anna and Peter, sittin’ in a tree . . . oh, um, maybe not. Then again, maybe there will be something good for desert? My only nitpick: whilst. Fine, I do occasionally say it, and maybe it’s more common in other cultures than here in the states, but it jumps out and thwacks me and it’s used twice in close proximity. It makes me think this should be a story set many years past and not current day.


    1. Anna and Peter sittin’ in a tree – you’re on to something there! Anyway you’re probably right about ‘whilst’ – I can see your point. I’ve never had anyone flag it up before, but maybe it’s a little archaic…


  3. I should have waited to read this while eating my breakfast. Now I’m starving! Salmon . . . mmmmm. I love conversations that take place over a meal. But forgive my ignorance since I live in the States. Um, could you tell me about Tesco just for my own curiosity?


    1. Ha ha glad my writing’s vivid enough to make you hungry!! As for Tesco, think of Walmart and it’s pretty much like that. I think Tesco is the third largest retailer in the world but don’t quote me on that cos that was a while ago and things may have changed. 🙂


    1. I’ve changed that, thanks. I know what you mean, watching programmes about food on TV does it for me every time – I have to be eating something myself while I’m watching it or I just can’t bear it!! 🙂


  4. It’s interesting what catches our eyes. I actually had to go back and re-read to focus on “whilst”–but clearly it caught Kathi wrong instantly. I’d thought it flowed well in the tone of the conversation between two characters who are “word-smiths”.

    That said… I’m surprised Peter wasn’t working at Tesco when the guy across the hall said that–if only to pay for his flop and beans. After all, a job you don’t mind leaving on a moment’s notice is still something to eat on…


    1. I hadn’t thought of that Eden, that’s definitely something to think about – Peter would certainly need some form of income. To ‘whilst’ or not to ‘whilst’, that is the question! I’m getting conflicting messages, but maybe it’s better as ‘while’ to satisfy my American readers who, like Kathi, might find it slightly odd and a bit archaic.


  5. I saw the whole “whilst” thing in the comments. Here are my 2 cents: I think the whilst makes it feel more British and adds to the slight air of “poshness” with the meal.


    1. Thanks for your thoughts Gloria! It’s a tricky one – I’ve changed it to ‘while’ for the moment because I think maybe for American readers it would make more sense and wouldn’t be too jarring. 🙂


  6. Damn, I just had some salmon for lunch, but it had no delicious sauce accompanying it, and was just something I threw in the oven myself. I enjoyed Peter’s story, since I also remember those days well. I somehow managed my first 18 months of uni with no part-time work or anything. And then I got a job and wondered why I hadn’t done it sooner! In reference to Eden’s comment, is there some kind of unemployment benefit he could have been on while he was job-hunting?


    1. Thanks Emily, that’s a really good point. Yes I do think he could have been on Jobseeker’s allowance or something like that. I will think about that. BTW when you’re over here and in Bath, there’s one day I can’t do which is the Tuesday 26th cos I’ve got the dentist! Thankfully it’s just a check up and I don’t tend to have problems with my teeth which is a relief! So if you’re able to meet on the Monday/Wednesday/Thursday that would be great. 🙂


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