What a week that was!


Well my blog tour to promote my debut novel The Inheritance is over. I’ve learned a lot from it, the main thing being to keep persevering in promoting my novel.

I’ve had some great advice recently on how to do just that. I feel that my blog isn’t being seen by that many people, and therefore my book is not as well known as it could be. Yes it’s true that blogging is not the only way to promote a novel – far from it.

But I realise that if I’m to gain support from other writers, which I believe is one of the key ways of promoting my book, I need to have a greater presence on Twitter for one thing. I have to confess to being a little lazy when it comes to Twitter. I’m often following new people, following them after they follow me or finding their details then choosing to follow them.

However I don’t engage that much with other Twitter users. Recently I’ve taken to retweeting people, but that only goes so far. I do thank fellow Twitter users for following me which seems to go down well. But I feel I need to devote a bit more time to Twitter, to cultivate my ‘relationships’ with my followers and those I’m following.

Of course if you’re tweeting regularly you have a little less time for blogging and writing. I guess it’s all about prioritising – being able to balance everything so that you spend the right about of time on each thing. Obviously the writing should come first – after all that’s what we’re here for isn’t it?

I do think, though, that our relationships with other writers are so important. They can offer us invaluable support and advice because they’ve gone through, and are going through, exactly the same process as us in their quest to write books and market them.

So having blogged pretty much every day for the last week, I think I’m going to blog a little less this week, tweet a little more and DEFINITELY write much more.

How do you cope with juggling all the different aspects to your writing life?

12 thoughts on “What a week that was!

  1. Twitter is… challenging at times. I enjoy the niches I tend to play in, but I don’t expose myself too far on it. Social media can be very time consuming, as you’ve noticed, Elaine, and I am not really great at keeping up with it.

    Good to know that you had some fun with your blog tour and that you got some great ideas from it. Hopefully you’ll be able to put those into practice.

    (Though, I think it’s less about prioritizing than about pacing…. Do a tweet here or there, not gobs of them; Visit a few people, say hi, get involved, then do some writing or editing or… Well, you know).


      1. True… there aren’t enough hours in a day. But there are enough hours to do a lot of things each day. Maybe different things on different days.., stuff like that. I know I never get it “all” done, but I get a bunch done when I do.

        You can only do the best you can.


  2. It’s difficult isn’t it? I find there are times when I’m able to spend more time on twitter and my blog but when other things start happening in my life they’re the first things to go. Since doing my blog tour in June I’ve ended up blogging less and really must get back into it. It’s all a juggling act really.

    I’m going to start planning my days more carefully and give time slots to all the tasks I want to do whether that’s blogging, writing, spending time on social media or cleaning the house and see if that makes a difference in getting everything done.


    1. You’re so right Kate – it is a matter of planning but it’s also difficult to keep the momentum going. Like me today – I had a very demanding exercise class this morning and then I had to walk the dog, then dash into town to the dentist and I’m absolutely shattered now so I probably won’t get as much done as I did yesterday when I was less tired. It’s swings and roundabouts really.


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