Speculation – WIPpet Wednesday


Hello to all you lovely WIPpeteers, old and new. Hope you’re enjoying today’s WIPpet Wednesday. My contribution is very short today. I was going to give you 3 lines from chapter 7 of my current WIP Reunion (seeing as it’s 3rd July today) but I decided it would be giving away too much of the plot.  Yes I know that sounds ridiculous, but trust me – it could well have done!

So instead here are 7 lines from chapter 3 (see what I did there? Clever, eh?).  This is going backwards a little because what I’m sharing now takes place before the previous two WIPpet Wednesday posts.  We’re back in the spa again with Anna and her friends -ah bliss – and Anna and Rachel are discussing Melody, who you’ve also met before in yet another previous WIPpet Wednesday post.  Phew!  Anyway, to remind you a bit in case you’ve forgotten, Melody, who is on her hen do, got very upset when she discovered that there’d been a mix up and Anna and her friends had been assigned the same rooms at the spa hotel as her and her friends.  I’ve ‘cropped’ the lines a little to fit but I hope you enjoy them:

Rachel sat down on the bed next to Anna and exhaled slowly. ‘I felt sorry for that girl,’ she said after a while. ‘What was her name? Oh yeah, Melody. She seemed frazzled, not like someone who was looking forward to her wedding day.’

‘She looked pregnant too,’ Anna said.

‘Did she?’

If you would like to take part in WIPpet Wednesday all you have to do is post an excerpt of your current work in progress on your blog, or something else you’re working on that’s creative and you’d like to share with us.  The only rule is that how much you post relates in some way to the date, so for example I’ve posted 7 lines from chapter 3 seeing as it’s the 3rd July today.  But you can be creative.  Why not take a look at the other wonderful WIPpeteers’ posts and see how creative they’ve got with the amount they’ve posted?  And more importantly you’ll get to read their wonderful work. 🙂  Once you’ve done your blog post add your name to this linky.  Many thanks go to the lovely K.L. Schwengel for hosting.

13 thoughts on “Speculation – WIPpet Wednesday

  1. Don’t you just love girlie gossip! Certainly Melody’s relaxing time at the spa doesn’t seem to be going too well.


  2. Gossip queens! lol love it! “She looked pregnant too!” exact think my mama said to me on my bff’s wedding day (I thought it, too). She was!


  3. Why is it there’s always gossip going on in spas? Aren’t folks supposed to relax? Mellow? Fall asleep and try not to drool on the massage table? 😉


    1. Have to say I’ve only been to one with some friends. And I can’t remember much of what was discussed – it was a few years ago. There may have been some gossip though… 😉


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