Not another WIPpet Wednesday!


OK I don’t really mean that. But I needed a catchy title for this week’s WIPpet Wednesday so I chose that one. And I have to say WIPpet Wednesday comes around so fast it’s as though it’s chasing me, saying ‘Another excerpt, another excerpt’. And then I have to think of a suitable one to share with you, one that doesn’t give away too much of the plot, one that is interesting etc.

So today being the 26th June, I’m going to share with you a little over 26 lines from chapter 6 where I left off last week. Here you go:

They followed him inside the restaurant which was large and opulent. The polished tables gleamed dully in the soft light and the chairs with their ruby red cushioned backs looked soft and inviting. Anna was glad she’d dressed up. This place oozed wealth. But hadn’t Peter said it was nothing special? Perhaps it wasn’t by London standards… A smartly dressed waiter approached them.

‘Good evening,’ he said. ‘Welcome to La Passione. Have you booked tonight?’ he asked.

‘No,’ Peter said, ‘but if it’s possible we’d like a table for three.’

‘One moment please sir, I’ll check.’ He disappeared for a moment then returned. ‘Yes we have a table for three. If you’d like to follow me. May I take your coats?’

‘So, Anna,’ Peter began as they waited for their starters, ‘tell me more about how your novel’s coming along.’

Anna could almost feel Melissa’s expectant gaze on her face. She felt a little bashful and almost shy. But as she began to speak, her enthusiasm for her work took over and the shyness that had been enveloping her slid off as though she were shedding a layer of clothing.

‘Well it’s coming along all right now after a slow start. My characters are starting to leap off the page at me as if they’re real. I’ve found that once that starts to happen it’s generally a sign that my story’s taking off. You know, it’s surreal how as an author the characters you create can take on a life of their own.’

Peter was nodding. ‘Yes, a lot of my clients say the same thing. It must be quite thrilling to have characters you’ve intended to do one thing suddenly do another.’

If you would like to take part in WIPpet Wednesday, simply post on your blog an excerpt from you current WIP or something new that you’ve come up with which you’d like to share. The only condition is that it has to in some way relate to the date – so you could do as I’ve done and share 26 lines from chapter 6 (for the 26th June) or it could be 6 lines from chapter 13 (June 2013). You can be flexible. When you’ve done that add your name to this linky. Thanks goes to K.L. Schwengel as always for hosting.

23 thoughts on “Not another WIPpet Wednesday!

  1. It IS thrilling, isn’t it? 🙂

    Love the description of the restaurant here, and I know that feeling of “wow, too fancy for me… is this normal for everyone else?!”


  2. Anna could almost feel Melissa’s expectant gaze on her face. She felt a little bashful and almost shy. But as she began to speak, her enthusiasm for her work took over and the shyness that had been enveloping her slid off as though she were shedding a layer of clothing.

    I love that description! One suggestion, though. The dialogue following right after this feels (to me) like you are starting the reader back to the beginning of the conversation, when that previous paragraph tells us how she has warmed up to talking. I would suggest deleting the first sentence, “Well, it’s coming all right now after a slow start.” The rest then feels like the conversation has been going for some time, and we aren’t missing out on anything either. Just a thought 🙂


    1. Good point well made Sarah! I did struggle with these lines a bit when writing them. I see your point entirely, I just got into a bit of a muddle when trying to say what I wanted to say and it obviously hasn’t quite worked. Thanks for the tip! 🙂


  3. This could so be life imitating art… or the other way round! I can certainly relate to Anna (apart from the dinner with the agent bit) and I got a good sense of the bit-too-posh restaurant.


    1. Thanks! Good to know I’ve set the scene well. I have to say I’m not really used to fancy restaurants myself, so when writing it I was kind of thinking a bit of what it would be like, what the service would be like etc.


  4. Wish we had a restaurant that nice around my parts. Then maybe I could have beef wellington for the first time. Oh are they going to order that?

    Very well written and totally relate-able.


  5. I gave up trying to tell my characters what to do long ago. They pretty much do whatever they want, regardless of my plans, so now I wait until they are ready to let me in on what they’re up to, and then I try to be a faithful scribe…

    I just know that I won’t be dressed well enough for this restaurant!

    This is a very interesting snippet of interaction, and I’m looking forward to finding out what’s next.

    One tiny thing – when Anna is preparing to tell about her novel, “shy” and “bashful” are used several times together. Maybe some physical response (fumbling with forks or an elegant water goblet; stomach cramps, something else) would replace some of that, and tell us a bit more about Anna’s personality.


  6. Hmm, I just noticed the time stamp on these posts… It’s saying that Shan posted at 8:15pm… which is kind of weird since she lives just an hour north of me (same time zone) and it’s the middle of the day here.

    Ah, yes! UK time… I miss UK time!!!! (I didn’t realize that WordPress didn’t convert the times… silly me!)

    Anyway… I liked the excerpt, except for one thing… It fills me with a lot of foreboding. Not because of the lovely restaurant or Anna’s uncertainty about whether she “fits” here. It’s the professional publishing person perspective I’m always reading about that fills me with dread…

    …as in I keep reading about how authors are not supposed to let their muse take over completely. Peter’s “nodding” almost feels humoring.

    So it certainly adds an interesting perspective to the scene for me.


    1. I know what you mean – the whole thought of meeting professionals in the publishing world fills me with dread. You know, the way in which they’ll be casting a critical eye over my work and that they might find it lacking… It’s interesting what you say about Peter because at this point he’s meant to be sympathising/understanding, so maybe that line needs a little reworking.


      1. Or it may not, Elaine. Remember, I’m seeing it where it stops. If I’d read one line more, perhaps my attitude would be different. Remember, it’s all a matter of perspective. 🙂


  7. I love that Anna does come into her own when she starts talking about the work. I can’t think of anything more intimidating that meeting with an agent (don’t suspect I’ll ever be one for an elevator pitch – unless they do the asking – see why I write fantasy…). NIcely done!


  8. Sometimes thrilling, sometimes incredibly frustrating, I would say! I totally know how she feels, I have people ask me about my writing at work a lot and I never really know what to say.


    1. Well it’s good that you talk about your writing at least – that’s something that I really need to do more of everywhere. Just talk about it more to everyone. I think there’s nothing wrong with a bit of self promotion cos at least to begin with, if we’re not promoting ourselves, who will.


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