We’ve all been there.  Not feeling much like writing, not feeling much like doing anything.  I often have times when – and this probably sounds awful – I just can’t be bothered to write. There. I’ve said it. For so long with my writing, I was slovenly about it. It took a lot for me to get myself motivated to write. In the days before I discovered how to interact with other writers – i.e. via Twitter which also helps me promote my blog – I would often go for days without writing. The impetus just wasn’t there.

Then my wonderful sister recommended Twitter to me as a means of getting in contact with other writers. I’d already started a blog at my husband’s suggestion, but although I’d spent hours scouring the internet I simply couldn’t find any writers to connect with. Honestly – it just wasn’t possible. But having taken my sister’s advice, I began to use Twitter and I found that it really was/is the way that writers in the 21st century connect with each other. I started following people, so people followed me and it went from there. I know it’s a cliche, but I really have never looked back. I have well over 1300 followers on Twitter and my blog is going from strength to strength as I’m gradually getting more people following it.

And in the world that we live in, it doesn’t matter if you’re in America, the UK (as I am), Australia or New Zealand or indeed anywhere else in the world – it’s possible to be in contact with another writer at the touch of a button.
So when we find ourselves in an apathetic mood, what can we do to snap out of it? Answer – just click our mouse a few times, go to Twitter or other sites and tell other people about it. I believe that interaction with other writers is essential, even if – or possibly especially if – it’s to have a moan about how unmotivated we’re feeling.

All I can say is that for me, being active on Twitter and therefore my blog (and vice versa) has transformed my writing. It’s transformed the quality of my work but also the number of hours I put in. Instead of only writing now and then, I find myself doing something towards my writing – whether it be working on my actual WIP or updating my blog – most days, even though I do still have down days.

How about this: the next time you’re feeling fed up and not in the mood for writing, try connecting with a few fellow writers. I can guarantee you’ll feel better and more motivated.

7 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. I agree one of the best ways to get motivated again is to connect with writer friends whether online or in person. Just talking about writing, ideas etc. helps to get me motivated. I hope this post wasn’t inspired by a lack of motivation for you today…


    1. Not today no, but there have been times…Anyway the great thing for me now is that I’m in touch with so many other writers like yourself who really encourage me to keep going. And that’s so important.


  2. This post is encouraging as I’ve just begun the process of connecting with other writers. I’ve been nervous about starting Twitter, this post easedy mind and encouraged me step out! Thanks!


  3. This post is encouraging as I’ve just begun the process of connecting with other writers. I’ve been nervous about starting Twitter, this post eased my mind and encouraged me step out! Thanks!


    1. So glad I could help. It is daunting when you’re first starting out, but it’s worth taking the plunge and connecting with other writers. I have to say it’s transformed my life. 🙂


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