Lazy Saturdays


I don’t know about you but sometimes at weekends I find it harder to focus on my writing than on a weekday. I don’t work weekends and although I love having the time free to spend with my husband and our lovely golden retriever, I find the time slips through my fingers and before I know it it’s gone.

I have done some writing today; I’m trying to do some now but it’s hard. I’m being distracted by pottering around the house, looking at the internet, tempted away from my writing by updating this blog, and generally unable to keep on track with my writing and tasks in general unlike on a weekday. The trouble is I tend to feel guilty if I haven’t done a great deal of anything at the weekend. As the weekend approaches I kind of think ‘oh I’ll do that at the weekend, I’ll have more time then.’ But then the weekend arrives and I just can’t be bothered! A lethary envelopes me and I can’t seem to see through the fog of my own inertia!

I guess the whole point of weekends (if you’re not working) is just that: they’re end of the week; you’re supposed to have a rest and take it easy. But I feel bad when Monday arrives and the house isn’t looking as good as it could, or the word count of my novel hasn’t increased as much as I’d like. It would be nice to either have a weekend where I somehow manage to get plenty done on the house AND on my novel. And do all this without overdoing it! It’s a shame that, to coin a well known saying, I simply can’t have my cake and eat it too!

What are your thoughts on weekends and work?

2 thoughts on “Lazy Saturdays

  1. After years of working at the weekend I relish having free weekends now. That’s not to say I don’t do work, I often have articles to write or editing to do, it’s just great it can be on my own terms rather than being employed by someone, which makes a huge difference! Like you I find that time does get eaten up by other things. Maybe planning the weekend in advance and splitting it up into a variety of things to do might help get everything you want done? I might take my own advice and try that this weekend… 🙂


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