Yay I did it!

At the beginning of January I posted on my blog that I was aiming to write every day in January.  And I’m pleased to say I more or less achieved it!

More or less?  I hear you ask, scratching your heads.  Surely you either write or you don’t?  Well I took the challenge that I’d set myself, with the help of a blog post that suggested it, to mean that I needed to do something towards my writing every day.

Most days I did manage to work on my WIP.  But on the days I didn’t, whether I was too tired or busy, I either did a whole load of planning on my next story (I actually began planning it in January) or worked on my blog.

So I can safely say that I achieved my goal.  And now comes the hard part.  Now I have to see if I can keep it up and continue to write/work towards my writing every day of every month.

I know we’re still only two days in to February, but so far I’m doing OK.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress. 🙂