Not doing WIPpet Wednesday – working

Yesterday I started a new job.  I’m working as the administrator for a small charity here in Bristol (UK) called Bristol Disability Equality Forum.  The charity seeks to improve the rights and treatment of disabled people.

It’s early days for me yet, but so far it’s going well.  It’s a lot of work to do – hence me not doing WIPpet Wednesday.  Also I haven’t really got anything to share as I haven’t done much writing this past week or more!  I’m currently either doing further planning on my school-set story or I’m editing my previous story which I hope to publish later this year.

So it’s exciting times for me and I hope once I’ve got into the swing of things with my job that I’ll have more time again for writing and blogging – maybe even a bit more tweeting.  Who knows?

I hope to catch up with you all (virtually) again soon. x

Editing, editing, editing…

So as the title of this blog post suggests, I’m editing my latest novel, Reunion of the Heart.  But I was wondering – what’s your method of editing?  Do you go chronologically through your story and edit that way or do you do what I’ve been doing and kind of flit about from passage to passage?

The thing is I had eight wonderful beta readers read my novel and comment on it for me, so I’ve got eight different opinions on it already, which is great.  But I’m wondering do I change every last thing that every one of my beta readers has suggested, if even if they might contradict each other?!

Or do I take elements of what each of the beta readers have said to me and follow my intuition, change what I feel from the general opinion I’ve been given is right?  So far I’m doing the latter, but I’m not sure that’s the right course to take.  It’s so confusing!!

But actually so far, having said all that I’m not doing too badly with it.  So wish me luck!  Oh and any info on how you approach editing gratefully received. :)

I’m back!

I'm back

Well it’s been a couple of weeks since my last WIPpet Wednesday. I hope you’re all OK. My work experience at Bristol City Council has begun. It’s going well and I’m really enjoying it.

Also on Monday I had an interview for a paid job. I’m waiting to hear back from them to tell me if I’ve got it or not. I have to say I think I fluffed the task they set for me at the beginning as maths is not my strong point and one of the tasks I had to do involved a maths calculation.

Anyway we’ll see what happens with that one and I’ll let you know how I get on. Back to the main event. For this week’s WIPpet I thought I’d do something different and share with you an excerpt of a fantasy story for children I was writing a few years ago and never finished.

Confession: technically I haven’t written any more of this since 2011 so shoot me now if I’m breaking the rules!  (But maybe you could read my excerpt first. ;) )

To set the scene Stephanie and Thomas are staying at their dad’s house.  Their parents are divorced and they see their dad every weekend.  But while they’re staying there something strange happens.  Cue 9 paragraphs for the 9th April:

Thomas opened his notebook and began to write.  He and Stephanie were stunned at what happened next.   Instead of Thomas’s messy handwriting appearing on the paper, a beautiful script emerged from the pen.  It was as if the pen was writing by itself.  The two children were mesmerised by what they saw.  Then something strange happened. 

As Stephanie watched the writing appearing on the paper, everything around them began to change.  Their surroundings went blurry and Stephanie felt as though she were spinning.  She tried to speak but no sound came from her mouth and she couldn’t see Thomas although she could feel his hand in hers.  Frightened, she screamed but again there was no sound.  But it didn’t last long.  All at once the blurriness disappeared and Stephanie saw Thomas standing next to her looking dizzy.  Then as their surroundings came into focus, Stephanie realised with a shock that they weren’t in Thomas’s bedroom anymore.  Her mouth hung open in amazement.

‘Where are we?’ she said.

‘I don’t know but we’re not at Dad’s anymore.’

They were standing on lush green grass, greener than anything they’d seen before.  They were in a beautiful meadow, covered with tiny flowers of many colours, some pink, purple and yellow.  The flowers seemed to be giving off light, Stephanie noticed, almost like mini suns.  But unlike the sun, it didn’t hurt her eyes to look at them; in fact she felt soothed by them and less fearful. 

They could hear the sound of bumble bees droning around them and Stephanie saw some settling down on the flowers to collect the pollen.  In the distance they could see enormous mountains which had snow on the top of them.  But before they had any more time to look at their new surroundings, there was a sudden huge explosion like a bomb going off near where they were standing.  Stephanie jumped and clutched at her brother’s arm.  She hated loud sudden noises.

‘I want to go home,’ she said in a small voice and began to cry.  She was even more worried when there was the unmistakable tramp of feet.

‘Come on, Steph, we’ve got to hide,’ Thomas said urgently, pulling her away from the sound of marching and across the meadow.  But it was huge and there was nowhere to hide.  The marching was getting closer.  Thomas propelled her towards the longer bits of meadow grass.

‘Lie down quickly,’ he commanded her.  She did as he said and they both lay quivering with fear in the tall grass.  The children heard the sound of footsteps approaching.  Then they stopped.  Stephanie knew they’d been discovered. 

As always you too can take part in WIPpet Wednesday.  Just post something writing-related on your blog, making sure it relates in some way to the date.  Then add your name here.

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The Inheritance by Elaine Jeremiah

Elaine Jeremiah:

A fantastic review of my debut novel ‘The Inheritance’ by Ionia Martin.

Originally posted on readful things blog:

The Inheritance The Inheritance by Elaine Jeremiah
When Emma uses blackmail to force her father into giving her the inheritance owing to her early, it sets in motion a chain of events that will change the lives of her and her elder sister Kate forever. Although Emma and Kate have grown up on their father’s farm together, they each want two very different things. Emma is fed up with her boring, suffocating lifestyle and longs to break free. Kate by contrast is happy living and working for her father on the farm and can’t understand her sister’s urgency to leave.

With her inheritance, Emma is soon off to London with her wealthy friend Natalie. She begins to live a life of luxury whilst her sister Kate is left hard at work on the farm. But things are not all they seem. Before long Emma is finding that London life is not all…

View original 290 more words

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What’s going on in my world right now


I know I’ve been absent from my blog for a while. Well actually from my writing my novel a bit too. I didn’t even take part in WIPpet Wednesday this week.

The reason is that I’m preoccupied with work matters. May sound boring, actually quite exciting. Today was my first morning of my work experience with Bristol City Council (here in the-sometimes-sunny UK!).

It went really well, but I was very nervous last night and apprehensive, not to say completely knackered, which is why I didn’t take part in WIPpet Wednesday.  The people I’m going to be working with were really friendly though, and welcoming which was great.  I think the work is going to be good and I’m excited about it.

Just to confuse you, I found out today that I’ve got an interview for a part time paid job (the work experience is unpaid).  So I feel like I’m in a win win situation – if I get the paid job that’s fantastic, if not I’ve still got the work experience to be doing.

In the first paragraph of this post I mentioned that I’d been absent from my writing.  I can explain!  I’ve done well over 4000 words on my new WIP.  But although I know where I want it to go at the end, as well as some of the action that takes place in the middle, I wasn’t sure how to carry on from where I’d initially got to.

So I’ve gone back to the drawing board so to speak.  I’m fleshing out scenes that could take place between my MC and my other characters immediately after where I’ve got up to on the computer.  This is going well but taking a while, so I’ve been away from my lovely pink laptop for a while and curled up on the sofa scribbling away in my notebook.

Phew!  So now you’re pretty much up to date with where I’m at.  I hope to be doing more proper writing soon and taking part in WIPpet Wednesday again next week – lack of tiredness permitting!

Happy Writing Everyone! :-D

WIPpet Tuesday??!!

Yes, yes, yes – I know I’m getting earlier and earlier with my WIPpet Wednesday posts.  And technically it’s still very much Tuesday here in the not-so-sunny :( UK.

But I’ve got a good excuse - I’ve got an early start (for me anyway) for work tomorrow and I tend to find if I don’t post my contribution to the wonderful WIPpetness of Wednesday early, I end up posting them late.  And not to put too fine a point on it, I get knackered.  I like to be able to take my time in reading all your wonderful excerpts too.

That’s it.  That’s all the justifying of myself I’m going to do!  Back to my WIPpet post.  For what will be this Wednesday, the 26th March, I offer you 23 words from my new WIP.  My WIPpet maths goes like this: 26 – 3= 23.  I started writing it on the 8th March and I’ve done well over 4000 words so I’m happy! :-D

I guess many of you can manage a whole lot more than that in that space of time, but it’s a lot for me! BTW the ‘she’ in question is my MC Rebecca and she’s part way through her first day as a teacher at a secondary school (for 11-16 year olds).  So here’s my snippet:

Feeling a need to freshen up, she headed for the nearest staff ladies.  When she reached it she found two other women there.

There.  I’m being stingy with the amount I’m sharing, but I haven’t written much so I don’t want to share too much at this stage.

If you’ve taken a look at what us WIPpeteers are sharing and would like to get involved, just post on your blog anything you’ve written lately.  Make sure it relates in some way to the date.  Then add your name here.

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Wow what a wonderful WIPpet Wednesday!

Hey everyone.  How’s your week been?  Mine’s been pretty good.  Lots of possibilities job-wise opening up for me.  Gonna apply for another admin job with a little charity here in Bristol (UK).

Anyway on with the task at hand: my contribution to this week’s WIPpet Wednesday.  Seeing as it’s the 19th March, I thought I’d share with you another 19 sentences from my new, as yet untitled WIP.  The lines follow directly on from last week’s  WIPpet.

Rebecca, my MC, is having an unpleasant encounter with a man in an Audi who nearly knocked her off her bike…

It wouldn’t do for the pupils of Radcliffe High School to see their newest teacher let rip at a man who was presumably a parent of a pupil at the school.  Or – God forbid – a member of staff.

But it was the Audi driver who lost his control.  ‘This is my fault?’ he snapped.  ‘You came at me out of nowhere.  One second you weren’t there, the next I have to slam on the brakes because a hapless cyclist has acquired a death wish.  And don’t you dare tell me that I wasn’t paying attention.  I have been driving for twenty years and I have never had an accident.  So before you go reporting this incident to your superiors I’d make sure that you get your facts straight.’

Without waiting for a reply he wound the window up and Rebecca only had a moment to grab her bike before the Audi roared off.  Shaken she slowly removed her helmet, the rain settling on her long, black hair which she’d coaxed into a practical chignon that morning.  Her legs were wobbly so rather than hop back on her bike, she pushed it to the nearby bike shed and locked it with shaking fingers.

‘Are you OK, miss?’ a voice asked.

Starting a little at the unexpected words, Rebecca looked up.  A girl of about fourteen was standing there.  She was slight, yet tall and had long unruly-looking dirty blonde hair.  She also seemed a little awkward.  Rebecca felt the need to put her at ease.

‘Yes, I’m fine thank you.’ 

Anyone can join in WIPpet Wednesday, just share some of your writing and make sure it relates in some way to the date.  Then hop on over and add your name to this linky.  Thanks to the wonderful WIPpet wizard K. L. Schwengel for hosting.