Yay editing done!


Well I’ve actually done it! I’ve finally finished editing my novel Reunion of the Heart. OK so technically I told you I’d finished the other day.  But it needed tweaking, so I tweaked it.  Now all it needs is to be proofread by my mum once she’s back from holiday. Hooray!

My husband is gonna work on a cover for me, so I’m hoping to publish it by the end of the summer at the latest. But I was wondering about something – whether, once I’ve published it, to do a blog tour or not? What are your thoughts?

I did one for The Inheritance when I published it last year, but although I worked really hard for it I didn’t get many comments on the blogs I was a guest on.  I’ve actually heard that blog tours tend to generate more traffic to the host blogs rather than interaction for those doing the blog tour.

I’m DEFINITELY doing a cover reveal this time.  I have to say it didn’t even occur to me to do one last time – I didn’t really know much about the whole process of self-publishing and all that I would need to do to promote my work.  Having seen a lot of cover reveals on various blogs, I think it’s a good idea for me to do one.

And now that I’ve finished editing Reunion of the Heart, I can FINALLY get back to working on my next as-yet-untitled project – another romance, this time with a young woman who’s a teacher as my MC and VERY different to my MC in Reunion of the Heart. I’m looking forward to this; it’ll be good to continue on with it.

When I last looked at it, I remembered that, having written a bit over 4K on it, I’d gone back to the drawing board so to speak and I’d made a whole load of new notes which I really need to read through.  I made more notes because I really needed to flesh out the plot and actually invent some scenes for it – I truly am a plotter rather than a pantser.

Although I don’t always stick rigidly to my original plan, I do find that I can get a bit lost in the story if I don’t have a clear idea in my head as to where the story is going.  So for me it’s best if I have a clear plan in place.  That way I don’t become stranded, as I was with this new project before I did some more planning.

To update you with my blogging progress – well I’ve had some hiccups i.e. not doing WIPpet Wednesday this week as I mentioned in my last post.  But I am blogging more often than I was.  I’m not doing so well keeping up with reading other people’s blog posts.  I must confess I delete most of what comes into my inbox!!

Anyway as I mentioned in a previous post, I’m doing what I can and ultimately that’s all I can do.  I’m getting new followers on Twitter all the time and some new followers to my blog, which is slightly harder to see since I linked my blog to my Twitter and Facebook accounts lol.

I would like to change the theme on this blog sometime soon – I’m a bit fed up with all the pink!  It’s a bit much even for me lol.  So I’ll be working on that at some point.  But not today 😛

I also want to sign up to Google+ (although I may be signed up for it already as I have an Android tablet and phone and they keep telling me that so and so have added me to their circle or something like that) and maybe a few more.  But all in good time.

Where are you at in your writing journey?  Are you happy with the way it’s going?  Do you find it helpful to have a big presence on social media?

15 thoughts on “Yay editing done!

  1. Congrats on finishing your editing!

    Social media seems to work for a lot of people, but they have quite a few books available. Since I wasn’t around when they started, I don’t know how much social media has helped them. Most seem to think the amount of GOOD books you have is the most important thing you can do as far as promotion. I, too, am trying to post more frequently. I’m striving for a minimum of one post per week. I’m commenting more on others’ blogs too.

    The WordPress theme you chose is the first theme I had when I started my blog last year. I later modified the header to use my own photos. Then, I realized that it was too pretty. I write murder mysteries and felt that the blog shouldn’t be pretty. 🙂 I’ve been doing more tweaking of my site over the past few weeks. I’m done for now, I think. I’ve got to put more time into my second novel! That’s a priority now that my daughter is out of school for the summer.


    1. Hi there Danielle! Thanks so much for your comment, it’s good to hear your thoughts. Sounds like you’re going through a similar process to me at the moment. It’s interesting that your blog had the same theme as this. Technically this wasn’t my first theme with this WordPress blog. I think I had a sort of default one and then I switched to this.

      As for frequency of blog posts, I’m hoping I can do around two per week – time and energy permitting. I’m hoping that as I get more used to it, social media will help me promote my writing too. I wish you all the best with your second novel! 🙂


  2. Congratulations on completing the editing process, Elaine. Did you enjoy it?
    I was interested to read your comments on social media. I seem to spend less time on it lately, yet my sales have increased. I think this may be to do with having better covers, a series with more sophisticated pricing and the fact that A Love Most Dangerous seems to appeal to a wider audience. I have linked my blog to Twitter for a long time now and have recently linked it to my Facebook Page. I’m still not sure whether doing this automatically is sensible but it does save lots of time.
    I’ve never done a blog tour so I can’t advise on this except to say that it always looks incredibly time-consuming. I’ve also got a Google + account but haven’t made use of it. The gurus all say that it’s the upcoming platform for writers. Mind you they said that about Pinterest as well. I’ll look out for you on Plus.
    I’m not quite sure what a cover reveal is – I may have done one inadvertently by showing a few covers on Facebook. Is this the same thing.
    Good luck withe the planning. Have you read a book called Writing from the Middle by
    James Scott Bell. Some interesting stuff there for plotters and pantsers.
    Good luck with the new book.


    1. Hi Martin, good to hear from you. Thanks for your thoughts. Actually I really enjoyed the editing, especially spicing up the romance! 😉

      It’s interesting that although you’re spending less time on social media your sales are increasing. Like you say, it could be that your latest novel appeals to a wider audience. As for linking blogs to social media sites, I think for me it’s already having a good effect. I appear to be getting some more comments on my blog.

      I told a woman at work about my novel – she’s downloaded it, is enjoying it and says she’s gonna spread the word!! So I’m happy about that. I think there’s definitely still a place for word of mouth when it comes to selling a book!

      I’m going to see if I can hook up to Google+ in a moment. I’ll let you know how I get on… 🙂

      PS A cover reveal is where you ask some other bloggers to display the cover of your soon-to-be-published novel on their blog, to generate interest in your upcoming book.


  3. Congrats on the editing victory. Not sure about the blog tour. I’m on the fence about doing one for my next book. On the one hand, it spreads word of your book across various blogs and increases the chance of it coming up in a web search. On the other hand, I’m not sure if it really helps with sales and it takes a ton of prep. Many times you end up having people who disappear or fail to follow the posting instructions/schedule, which is a slight headache. Cover reveals are great though.

    Social media definitely helps with the writing journey. As for my progress, I’ll abstain due to recent technical difficulties. *waves sledgehammer at broken laptop*


    1. Thanks Charles. No, I’m not sure about the blog tour either as I said. It was an interesting experience last time, but I’m not sure it’s worth putting in all those hours of effort to organise it if it’s not really going to help with sales.

      But I agree with you about cover reveals and I’m definitely gonna do one this time. And you’re right about social media. I think from my point of view it’s essential for me as an indie author to use it to publicise my work. I hope you get your computer problems sorted soon. 🙂


      1. Something else that might help are spoiler free teasers. Hard to do at times, but you can use it along with ‘ask the author’ or other ‘events’ to build up to the release. Maybe like a 3 day thing through your blog.


  4. That’s my worry with doing a blog tour – it sounds like a helluva lot of work for a perhaps minimal return. I’d probably rather spend that prep time prepping a new writing project! I don’t know about things like GoodReads giveaways, or something like the Facebook party that Kate Sparkes is doing, but things where it’s sort of one event with an open invitation (and that other people can also invite people to) might be worth looking into as well.

    YAY for finishing editing! 😀


    1. Thanks Emily. I think I probably agree with you about blog tours and this year I’m likely to be working more as well, so I think I might give it a miss. I could maybe do a giveaway though, as you say, something like what Kate is doing. We’ll see. Hope your writing is going well BTW. 🙂


  5. Congratulations on the editing, I hope it wasn’t too hard. Did you use a professional editor as well? Blog tours are not a complete waste of time but you would fare better writing a press release, (after the book is published) using twitter, FB and the like! Goodreads is also good, then paid adverts would work like a dream too. I wish you best of luck Elaine.
    Blessings. 🙂


    1. Thank you! And thank you for commenting on my blog, it’s good to have your thoughts. 🙂 No, I didn’t use a professional editor. But a press release sounds like a good idea. I will give it some thought.


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