A WIPpet for Wednesday

OK, so not the most fantastic of titles but it’s the best I could do. I hope this WIPpet finds you well and getting into the swing of 2014.

For this week’s WIPpet Wednesday I thought I’d share with you 15 words from chapter 1 of my current WIP Reunion. Like many of my fellow WIPpeteers, I’m finding it hard to… well find parts to share that don’t give away half the plot.

So this week I’m keeping it short but sweet. This line is further on in the same chapter from last week’s excerpt. Anna is thinking about the people she might see at the school reunion.

It would be good to see Lizzie and Rachel again, but they wouldn’t necessarily go.

I will try and be less stingy with the excerpt next week! Looking forward to reading yours.

Wanna join in the WIPpet Wednesday fun? No problem – just share an excerpt from your current WIP on your blog. Make sure it relates to the date somehow. Then go here to add your details to the list. And you’re off!

Thank you K. L. Schwengel for hosting! 🙂

25 thoughts on “A WIPpet for Wednesday

  1. The obvious question… why wouldn’t they go? Why?! I personally like short, teasing excerpts, always leaves me wanting to read more.


  2. Having just gone to a school reunion, I’m wondering the same thing–why not go? There must be a reason, and now I want to know what it is!


  3. Sadly I live quite far from my high school these days, so it would be unlikely I would ever go to a school reunion anyway. (I’m obviously crushed). But I’m with Anna. What are the odds of the people you’d actually like to see again being there?


    1. Indeed. You may get to see a whole bunch of people you’d really rather not. I actually got invited to a school reunion a couple of years ago. But I turned it down. School wasn’t the happiest time of my life.


    1. Thanks for your comments Ruth. It’s very interesting to me to read different people’s responses to this piece, in the way that some wouldn’t dream of going to a school reunion and others wouldn’t mind. 🙂


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