The Inheritance does well in free promo!!

Well that was certainly an exciting 5 days. From Thursday last week until yesterday, my debut novel The Inheritance was free to download on Amazon.

I’d worked hard in the weeks leading up to it and applied to lots of free promo sites to register my details with them in the hope that some of them would mention me.

I paid for 3 of them to feature my book, the rest I left to chance. I was amazed when over the course of the 5 days a total of 9 sites I’d applied to for free featured my book on their site. I was happy to say the least.

What surprised me the most about the free promo was how well it did Stateside. Having only had meager sales of The Inheritance over there, I was amazed at the huge number of downloads there were. I had just over 9000.

The image I’ve uploaded from Amazon isn’t very clear, but I got to #53 in free ebooks on as well as #1 in romance and #3 in teen/young adult fiction. This result is more than I could have hoped for. I’m grateful to my blogger friends and Twitter followers as well as friends and family for spreading the word.

Although I didn’t do as well back here in the UK, I did get a few hundred downloads so I’m glad about that. In total, when I notched up the number of downloads across the world it came to 9461 which is just incredible for me.

Having had great success in the US but less in my own country, it got me to wondering why exactly that was. Thinking about it, I guess it may have been the cover that appealed to the American market and less so in the UK. It might also have been the subject matter, that a story about an inheritance and family issues may have been more appealing in the US than the UK.

Whatever the case, I’m just glad that thousands of people are now reading my book. That’s a good feeling. I’m also hoping that I’ll get a few more sales out of it. I was rather disappointed that my ranking in the sales category on Amazon had plummeted, both in the US and UK. Then I thought a bit more logically and remembered that technically I hadn’t sold any books anywhere since my free promo began, so it’s not all doom and gloom.

I’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on how The Inheritance does in the coming days. It’s exciting times.

11 thoughts on “The Inheritance does well in free promo!!

    1. Thank you! Oh that’s a shame you can’t download it. Sorry but I’m sticking with KDP select for now because there are some good perks with it. Thanks for the interest though. πŸ™‚


  1. Fabulous results Elaine! You so deserve it after all your hard work. It’s a wonderful feeling isn’t it, to think of all those people now reading your book (and hopefully they will leave some wonderful reviews too). Interesting that it did better in the US – like you said it might be the combination of title/subject matter/cover… either way you did good! xx


    1. Ah thanks so much Kate, it’s been wonderful to have your support throughout this process. Yes, I very much hope to get some good reviews and hopefully sales out of it. Hope you’re OK and that NaNoWriMo is going well for you.xx


  2. (Elaine, this is a second try to get this posted… Feel free to delete if both posts come through)

    It sounds like Anna needs a bit more time to mourn and process the changes her life is going through. Not that you (as a good writer who must take her characters to the edge) are going to give her that time….

    Yay for the downloads! As you say, hopefully that means sales are to follow.


    1. No, so far only this post is visible. Anna does need time – not that I give her much in this story though lol. Yes, yay indeed for the downloads. So far had another 10 since free promo ended so I’m happy. πŸ™‚


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