The Inheritance is FREE from today for 5 days!!


Well it’s here. As of today my debut novel The Inheritance is free on and for 5 days until Monday.

If you haven’t yet read it, why not download it now while it’s free? And let me know what you think of it. Feedback whether positive or negative is always good!

Check out my Goodreads page too where you can read a short bio of me and connect with other readers/writers. I can also be contacted on Twitter via @ElaineJeremiah.

I hope you all have a good day and for those of you who are preparing to take part in NaNoWriMo – good luck!


Another brief WIPpet (cos I’m cruel!)


OK so it’s not the best image ever, but it’s the best I could find! And yes, as the title of this blog post suggests, I am going to be mean again and share just a few sentences.

I’m sharing 33 words from chapter 13 of my current WIP Reunion. How I’ve worked it out goes as follows: chapter 13 for 2013, 30 words for the 30th October, then 1 + 2 = 3 (from the 10th month and 2 from 2013) so 33 words.

So there you have it. As with last week, I’m not going to give too much away about the plot because this is quite recent writing that I’m sharing with you here and I don’t want to share everything because that would spoil it!

All I will say is that at this point in the story, my main character Anna has done a bit of a double take as she mistakes her boyfriend for someone else…

For a split second she thought she was seeing Elliot. Then Anna recovered herself. It was the bathrobe. She’d never thought that Peter and Elliot looked alike. But their hair colour was similar.

Yes, I am mean.  It’s partly laziness so that I don’t have to search around for ages for 30 lines/paragraphs etc.  It’s also like I said last week, that I really don’t want to give away too much of the plot.  I don’t want to spoil it for you guys before you come to read the finished product!

I hope all you NaNoWriMo writers have fun with it.  If I had more energy (and wrote MUCH faster) then I would join in too.  But as it is I write/work better at my own pace.  I am looking forward to seeing the results of your energetic writing in December!  There – another challenge for you – to have something to show me!!  Just kidding – I’m sure you’ll all be brilliant!

If you would like to take part in WIPpet Wednesday, just post an excerpt of whatever you’ve been writing lately on your blog.  Rule: it must relate in some way to the date.  Then add your name to this linky.  Thanks goes to the lovely K. L. Schwengel for hosting. 🙂

The Inheritance will be free soon!


Hi everyone. This is just a brief blog post to let you know that my debut novel The Inheritance will be FREE on and for 5 days from this Thursday.  (I will post the web address details on the day.)

The dates are: Thursday 31st October to Monday 4th November. If you haven’t yet purchased it, why not get it for free during this period?

And if you have bought The Inheritance and enjoyed it, please spread the word. I’d be really grateful!

Happy writing everyone. 🙂

A brief WIPpet for Wednesday


Hi all. I have a confession to make. I haven’t done much work on Reunion lately. BUT I have an excuse – I’m applying to lots of free promo websites in preparation for The Inheritance being free on Amazon for 5 days.

It may not sound like it, but it’s actually quite a lot of work and time consuming.  When I’m not doing that or blogging I’m working/doing housework/walking and looking after the dog and soon the hours are just gone.  My husband’s got it right when he says there are simply not enough hours in the day!  I do plan to get back to working on Reunion every day though, a.s.a.p.

The days of my free promotion are Thursday 31st October to Monday 4th November. I’m looking forward to it and actually enjoying working my way through the list of free promo websites, from my good friend and fellow author Kate Frost, which list those books that are free to download.

If you haven’t already bought The Inheritance, you may like to get yourself a free copy… Anyway enough of the shameless self promotion, back to the main topic in hand today which is the excerpt from Reunion I’m sharing.

Seeing as it’s 23rd October today and I’m feeling mean, I thought I’d share with you just 25 words from chapter 10. My maths goes like this: 23 (for the day) + 2 (from 2013) = 25. And to be extra mean I’m not telling you where in the story this excerpt comes from except to say that the viewpoint is, as usual, my main character Anna’s. Here you go:

For some reason in that moment she almost came out of herself, seeing her own life as a stranger might – a movie script playing out.

So there you have it. Aren’t I cruel??!! If you’d like to take part in WIPpet Wednesday all you have to do is post an excerpt of whatever you’re currently working on writing-wise on your blog. The only rule is that it has to relate in some way to the date. Then add your details to this linky. Thanks goes to K. L. Schwengel for hosting. 🙂

A new beginning – WIPpet Wednesday

New beginning

I’m annoyed. Why you might ask? Well it’s because I’m sure that in a previous WIPpet Wednesday post I shared an excerpt from Reunion where my MC Anna is telling her friends about her messy break up. But I can’t find it anywhere. I’ve searched on my blog about 3 times and it’s nowhere. Grrr.

Anyway the reason I wanted it was to have it to refer to today because I’ve amended the beginning of Reunion to make it more gripping from the very first line – I hope. Someone told me they’d read my novel The Inheritance, which I published a few weeks ago, and enjoyed it but said it took a while to get going and they thought it needed to grip the reader from the beginning.

It’s funny cos I’d read the same advice in a general post on a writer’s blog (can’t remember which one), that you need to grab the reader’s attention from the very beginning.  Then I had a flash of inspiration as to how I could make the beginning of Reunion much more gripping.

So here’s my attempt. This is the new beginning of Reunion. Anna and her boyfriend Elliot are having a blazing row. She suspects him of cheating on her. If you recognise any of the dialogue, that’s because I’ve recycled it from a flashback Anna has later in the story and it was what I shared in the WIPpet Wednesday post I just can’t find.

As always, comments are welcome – though I guess getting feedback is the whole reason we do WIPpet Wednesday, isn’t it? Anyway here’s 13 paragraphs from chapter one as it’s 2013. Enjoy!

Anna glared at Elliot standing across the table from her, willing him to be struck down by a celestial power or something, anything to punish him for what he’d done.

‘I’ve had enough of your excuses,’ she yelled at him. ‘I know the truth and I don’t want to hear any more lies.’

‘Which idiot have you been listening to, Anna?’ he replied equally loudly as they fought it out in the kitchen, perilously close to the knives which Anna was tempted to throw at him.

‘Oh I don’t know, about a dozen? Maybe two dozen? Did you really think I’d never find out? Who is she anyway, this model? No wait; don’t tell me, she’s some bimbo who’s conveniently only in it for the sex!’

‘Look I told you, Anna, I’m not having an affair! You’ve got to trust me.’

‘Not having an affair. Hmmm. That’s what you said three months ago when I first told you what people had been saying. And I stupidly chose to believe you. But since then more and more people, friends and acquaintances, have been telling me what you’ve been getting up to on those “research” trips to London.’

‘They’re wrong, Anna, they’re wrong. Why would I ever want sex with Petra… ’ Elliot trailed off realising his mistake.

‘Oh so that’s her name is it? I’ll take that as a confession, shall I? It’s obviously all I’m going to get after three years. Three years of my life wasted!’ The tears that had been threatening to pour began to run down Anna’s face. She sobbed a harsh strangulated sound and through the haze of tears saw Elliot coming towards her. ‘No!’ she yelled at him. ‘Don’t touch me! Just get out! I don’t need to hear any more excuses.’

He backed off and turned to leave the kitchen.

‘I want you out by tonight,’ Anna heard herself say in a shaky voice. ‘And all your stuff.’

‘Where am I supposed to go?’ he asked turning round. ‘You could at least give me a day to get my stuff out.’

‘I don’t care where you go. And as for giving you a day to sort your stuff out, why should I after the way you’ve treated me? Now get out!’

He scowled at her as he left the room, and for the first time Anna felt as though she were seeing the true Elliot. The person she thought she’d known had been almost like a figment of her imagination.

If you would like to take part in WIPpet Wednesday, simply share an excerpt from whatever you’re up to writing-wise and post on your blog. The only rule is it has to correlate to the date.  Then add your name to this linky.  Thanks to the lovely K. L. Schwengel for hosting.

Harnessing the power of Twitter


I joined Twitter just over 18 months ago. I’ve found it to be incredibly helpful to my writing and I’ve made contact with other writers through it, some of whom I’ve even met and become good friends with.

But for quite a while I wasn’t engaging fully with other authors on Twitter. Although I had over 1000 followers and I was following over 1000 people, following people and gaining new followers was slowing to a trickle. I just wasn’t very active on it. Most of the time I would do a post on my blog, tweet about it once and expect people to respond.

If I’m honest with myself, I did realise that wasn’t enough. But I was busy doing lots of other things, writing and blogging to name two, and so I neglected Twitter.

A couple of weeks ago I was given some good advice by another writer, Terry Tyler. She was commenting on my guest post for Joanne Phillip‘s blog which I’d written as part of my blog tour to promote my debut novel The Inheritance. She suggested that to publicise myself more online, it would be a good idea to make sure I’m active on Twitter by retweeting about 20 people a day. That way I would likely get more people retweeting my tweets and therefore be seen by more people.

I decided to take Terry’s advice. I’ve been trying to retweet around 20 people a day as she suggested and I’m seeing the results. When you retweet other authors, they really appreciate it – as I do when people retweet my messages about my novel. It leads to more people following you, you have a greater presence online and it helps towards that vital marketing of your book. Your tweets end up being seen not just by your followers, but by their followers too and so on.

I’m going to continue to take a more proactive attitude to using Twitter and harnessing its power to promote my writing. So far it’s paying dividends.

Out for another meal – WIPpet Wednesday


It’s that time of the week again when we WIPpeteers come together to share some of the lovely stuff we’ve been working on writing-wise.  And yes I know I’m posting this early yet again (it’s 8pm on Tuesday UK time!) but I find it easier this way.

For my contribution this week I’m sharing another excerpt from my WIP Reunion. I’ve been finding it quite hard to choose extracts that are interesting but which don’t give too much of the plot away!  Anyway I thought I’d share with you 9 lines from chapter 10 as it’s the 9th October today.   🙂

At this point in the story my MC Anna is out for another meal with her new literary agent Peter. This time she’s come to London on her own to see him. Enjoy!

By now they’d finished their starters and were on to the main course. Her meal – salmon covered liberally with a creamy Hollandaise sauce – was delicious. As she ate Anna listened to Peter, engrossed by his tale of how he became a literary agent.

He told her that whilst at university he’d decided he wanted to be a literary agent, but he hadn’t realised that to do that he’d have to gain experience in the publishing industry first. She laughed at his tale of having to live off baked beans on toast and nothing else for a month whilst living in a poky bedsit in London as he applied everywhere for a job.

‘I was getting desperate,’ he admitted. ‘The guy who lived across the hall from me told me I’d be better off getting a job in Tesco.’ Anna snorted with laughter at this. ‘Yes, I can laugh about it too now,’ Peter said. 

If you would like to take part in WIPpet Wednesday, simply post an excerpt of whatever you’ve been working on writing-wise recently on your blog. The only rule is that it has to relate in some way to the date.

Then add your name to this linky. Thanks goes to K. L. Schwengel for hosting. Until next time!