When the words just won’t come


I will be honest with you that the title of this blog post isn’t entirely true of my writing right now, although it has been in the past.

But I have been finding that the flow of my WIP is slowing at the moment. Before I began writing I made a comprehensive plan of the plot and in which direction I wanted my story to head.

Of course in actually coming to write it things change and I’ve found that the characters I’d planned have evolved and taken new paths. That’s all well and good. But sometimes you get to a stage in writing a story where things just go a bit stale.

As I said I know where I want to take my story ultimately but I want it to flow seamlessly, with one scene merging into the next so that the narrative doesn’t feel forced.

Right now I’m feeling my writing’s a bit barren. I’ve had a lot of things to focus on apart from this WIP because among other things,as you may have seen from other posts, I’ve been promoting the publication of my debut novel The Inheritance. So I’ve had plenty of distractions.

That’s not the real reason for this dryness in my writing though, I don’t think. I just need to somehow regain a bit of momentum with it, to really tell the story and focus on the general plan I originally came up with and not get too bogged down in dialogue between characters which doesn’t go anywhere.

When I’ve got past this difficult stage of trying to sew the story together seamlessly somehow and I eventually finish the first draft, I’m actually looking forward to sending it out to beta readers and getting their opinions on what’s working and not working, particularly in this part of the story.

Ultimately I want to be able to finish and publish this story by the end of next year but I’m not sure I’ll manage it. Especially seeing as writing a new post for my blog feels a lot easier than moving the action in my WIP along with no visible seams!

What do you do when you’re finding it hard to find the right words to carry a plot forward?


What a week that was!


Well my blog tour to promote my debut novel The Inheritance is over. I’ve learned a lot from it, the main thing being to keep persevering in promoting my novel.

I’ve had some great advice recently on how to do just that. I feel that my blog isn’t being seen by that many people, and therefore my book is not as well known as it could be. Yes it’s true that blogging is not the only way to promote a novel – far from it.

But I realise that if I’m to gain support from other writers, which I believe is one of the key ways of promoting my book, I need to have a greater presence on Twitter for one thing. I have to confess to being a little lazy when it comes to Twitter. I’m often following new people, following them after they follow me or finding their details then choosing to follow them.

However I don’t engage that much with other Twitter users. Recently I’ve taken to retweeting people, but that only goes so far. I do thank fellow Twitter users for following me which seems to go down well. But I feel I need to devote a bit more time to Twitter, to cultivate my ‘relationships’ with my followers and those I’m following.

Of course if you’re tweeting regularly you have a little less time for blogging and writing. I guess it’s all about prioritising – being able to balance everything so that you spend the right about of time on each thing. Obviously the writing should come first – after all that’s what we’re here for isn’t it?

I do think, though, that our relationships with other writers are so important. They can offer us invaluable support and advice because they’ve gone through, and are going through, exactly the same process as us in their quest to write books and market them.

So having blogged pretty much every day for the last week, I think I’m going to blog a little less this week, tweet a little more and DEFINITELY write much more.

How do you cope with juggling all the different aspects to your writing life?

End of my blog tour – interview with Kate Frost


After over a week of interviews and guest posts on my fellow writers’ blogs, I’ve got to the end of my blog tour to promote my debut novel The Inheritance.

And to finish up today I’m back where I started – on my friend Kate Frost’s blog being interviewed by her. Kate is a good friend of mine. We live fairly close together and she’s the first person I’ve followed on Twitter who I’ve met face to face!

Kate has been a real support and help to me over the past year or so on my quest to publish The Inheritance. So take a look at her interview with me. She asks me some great questions which I hope you’ll find interesting. You can even find out which of my characters are like me and which of them I’d like to meet.

I’ve really enjoyed my blog tour, especially answering your questions about how I came to publish The Inheritance.  I’ve also enjoyed the preparation for it, contacting my fellow writers and arranging it all as well as answering the questions for my interviews and writing my guest posts.

If you missed any of my blog tour dates and would like to take a look you can find the details here.  Thanks again to Kate, Joanne, Jade, Briana, Martin and Laurey for helping me with my promotion.  I really appreciate it guys!

If you would like to buy The Inheritance it’s available on Amazon UK and Amazon.com.  I’m also on Goodreads and you can contact me on Twitter via @ElaineJeremiah.

Interview on Laurey Buckland’s blog


Well this is the penultimate day of my blog tour to promote my debut novel The Inheritance. And today I’m being interviewed by the lovely Laurey Buckland on her blog.

Since I approached her with the request to feature on her blog, Laurey has been nothing but supportive and friendly. She’s the author of the wonderful novel A Girl’s Guide to Fairy Tales and if you enjoy a funny, witty romance then this is the book for you. I’ve read it and really enjoyed it.

Please do take a look at the interview and Laurey’s blog. It’s definitely worth a visit.

If you missed any of my blog stops, you can find the details here. I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog tour so far and that you’ll join me again on Sunday when I finish up with an interview on Kate Frost‘s blog.

If you’d like to buy The Inheritance it’s on Amazon UK and Amazon.com. I’m also on Goodreads and you can contact me on Twitter via @ElaineJeremiah.

My blog tour links

Blog tour image

In case you’ve missed any of my blog tour dates this week as part of my promotion of my debut novel The Inheritance, you can catch them as follows:

Saturday 14th September: Kate Frost
Monday 16th September: Joanne Phillips
Tuesday 17th September: Jade Reyner
Wednesday 18th September: Briana Vedsted
Thursday 19th September: Martin Lake
Friday 20th September: Laurey Buckland
Sunday 22nd September: Kate Frost

I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog tour.

If you’d like to buy The Inheritance it can be found on Amazon UK and Amazon.com.  I’m also on Goodreads and you can contact me on Twitter via @ElaineJeremiah

Interview with Martin Lake for ‘The Inheritance’


I’m delighted to say that today as part of my blog tour to promote my debut novel The Inheritance, I’m being interviewed by Martin Lake on his blog.

Martin is the author of some truly wonderful novels, all of them historical fiction but also very diverse. The novels he’s written include a wonderfully imaginative sequel to Oliver Twist entitled Artful, which as the title suggests continues the story of the Artful Dodger, as well as a trilogy about England’s lost king Edgar Atheling in the 11th century and another novel set in medieval times about the Crusades.

Martin has been extremely supportive of me in my path to publication. Please do check out this interview and let me know what you think.

If you’ve missed any of my blog tour, you can read my guest post on Kate Frost’s blog which I did on Saturday here. My guest post on Joanne Phillips’s blog on Monday can be seen here. You can catch an excerpt of The Inheritance which was on Jade Reyner’s blog on Tuesday here. And my interview on Briana Vedsted’s blog which I did yesterday can be seen here.

Details of my blog tour can be found on my blog.

If you want to buy The Inheritance it’s available on Amazon UK and Amazon.com. I’m also on Goodreads and can be contacted on Twitter via @ElaineJeremiah.

An interview on Briana Vedsted’s blog


I’m part way through my blog tour to promote my debut novel The Inheritance and today I’m being interviewed by the lovely Briana Vedsted on her blog.

Briana lives with her family on their ranch in Colorado. When she’s not helping out with farming, Briana enjoys writing amongst other things and has published a number of stories, the most recent being A Girl Named Cord. She is also the author of a fantastic blog which is where my interview is taking place.

Briana is always incredibly supportive of other writers and champions their work. Please do take a look at her blog and my interview. She’s asked me some great questions. I hope my answers interest you too.

If you missed my guest post on Monday over on Joanne Phillips’s blog you can read it here. On Saturday Kate Frost also hosted me for a guest post on her blog and you can catch it here. And yesterday Jade Reyner shared an excerpt from The Inheritance here.

You can find the full details of my upcoming blog appearances here.

Don’t forget that you can buy The Inheritance from Amazon UK and Amazon.com. I’m also on Goodreads and can be contacted on Twitter via @ElaineJeremiah

I hope you’ll join me on my blog tour this week.