Hot and bothered at a party – WIPpet Wednesday


Hello to one and all on this fine Wednesday. It’s that time of the week where we share an excerpt of whatever we’re currently working on WIPpet-wise.

Seeing as it’s the 21st August today, I’m sharing 21 lines from chapter 8 of Reunion. This scene is quite far on in the story in terms of what I’ve written so far. It takes place some months after Anna and Melissa have been reunited with their old school friends Lizzie and Rachel.

Anna and Melissa have just got back from London, then almost immediately have gone on to a party in their home city of Warston which is being held by Lizzie and Rachel to celebrate the opening of their new retro fashion shop. Anna is feeling frazzled. She lost her friends in the crowd for a while and now that they’re back, she’s non too pleased with them!

Anna didn’t know how long she’d been standing motionless for, lost in thought as people pushed past her, when her friends found her. She didn’t even register that they were there until Melissa tapped her on the shoulder. Anna jumped. By now the party was in full swing and the music had been turned up again, so she hadn’t heard them coming.

‘Oh, it’s only you,’ she said relieved.

‘Who were you expecting?’ Melissa asked.

Anna saw that Lizzie and Rachel were with her. ‘No one.’ She turned away from them.

‘Where’ve you been anyway?’ Lizzie said.

‘Where have you been?’ Anna retorted. ‘You all went off and left me. I don’t know why you couldn’t come and find me.’

Rachel laid a cool hand on her arm. ‘Are you all right, Anna? You seem a little out of sorts.’

‘Perhaps that’s because I haven’t had a drink for ages. It’s hot and crowded in here. The bar, this whole place is heaving and I’ve been on my own. And then Will turns up…’

‘Again?’ Melissa asked.

So there you have it. Looking forward to reading your comments. 🙂

If you would like to take part in WIPpet Wednesday simply post on your blog anything you’ve been working on writing-wise recently. The only rule is that it has to correlate to the day’s date. Then add your name to this linky. The fabulous K. L. Schwengel is our lovely host.

30 thoughts on “Hot and bothered at a party – WIPpet Wednesday

  1. So was it Will she was relieved not to see again or someone else? Interesting… I can feel Anna’s annoyance here with the heat, the noise, the crowds. Not a good combination particularly when you’re peeved with your friends for having disappeared.


    1. It was Will. Yes Anna is definitely peeved with her friends for deserting her. She’s also a bit dehydrated at this point having been at the party for a while surrounded by lots of people. Never good.


  2. I hate crowds of people and only like parties where everyone is a close friend of mine — so, you know, like five people! LOL Yeah, I can really relate. And then the attitude when the friends come back. Grrrrrr. Give it to ’em!


    1. I agree – I don’t like large gatherings where I don’t know anyone. And I hate it when people leave you out of things, even when (or perhaps especially when!) it’s your friends.


      1. Especially when. Because, after all, they should know you. They should know you won’t handle it well, or like it. So from them it’s even worse.


    1. Exactly. My idea of hell. Yes, Will does make Anna feel unsettled. I can’t remember if he’s been mentioned on WIPpet Wednesday before? I tend to have a memory like a sieve – that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!


  3. Oddly enough, I had trouble relating to Ann’s temper. I mean, I understand her feeling a bit off, but angry with her friends? I guess it’s because I find the anonymity of a crowd reassuring sometimes. As long as I’m not being the focus for anything…

    I do hope Anna’s not in danger from Will and the situation… Being dehydrated and overheated–let alone stressed. Let’s get her to a balcony or a door and into some cooler air. No passing out please!


    1. Ha ha, no – passing out would not be good. Anna’s OK though she is in need of a refreshing (non-alcoholic) drink at this point.

      With regard to crowds, I guess everyone’s different. Anna’s hot and bothered and cross because she got lost from her friends and until this point none of them have come to find her. Added to that she’s seen her old adversary Will and no one was there to support her. So thats why she’s not pleased.


      1. I get it… I guess I was more thinking of how easy it is to get distracted/sidetracked or even just lost in a crowd and wondered why Anna wasn’t giving them a bot of slack, especially if the lighting was weird, spotty, etc.. In that, I was more thinking the way Sarah was–a lot of relief, and then some upset…

        And good, no passing out. 😀


  4. If my friends deserted me at a hot and crowded party and someone just grabbed me… I’d be pleased to see them and then instantly mad because THEY LEFT ME!!! Parties with lots of people aren’t my thing, so I am totally relating to Anna.


  5. Oh, man, totally understand her frustration! I can sort of deal with crowds just on the street or whatever, but I really don’t enjoy clubs or parties like that. And to have someone you don’t like turning up again, just adding to it! Ugh!


    1. Thanks Emily. I think to coin a phrase that you and I are kindred spirits – I don’t enjoy clubs or parties like that either! But I’m quite happy for my characters to enjoy them. 🙂


  6. Ooo. The Will situation is intriguing. And I would have reamed my friends out for ditching me at a party, especially if they knew I was uncomfortable being there.


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