Off to London again – WIPpet Wednesday


Hey everyone! I can’t believe it’s already a week since I last updated my blog. But I’ve been busy working on Reunion and it’s going really well. I did over 1000 words on Saturday which is the most I’ve ever done in one day! Yay! So I’m happy.

I’ve also been working on the final finishing touches to publishing The Inheritance. More on that soon…

For now though, here’s another excerpt from Reunion. I’m sharing a little over 28 lines from chapter 8 in honour of it being the 28th August today. This scene takes place a few weeks after last week’s excerpt. Anna is telling Melissa about her invite from her agent Peter Fletcher to come up to London again so that they can discuss how her book’s going.

Anna is not too sure she should go… Enjoy! (And yes I am aware that I’m posting this early! It’s cos I can! 🙂 )

Anna listened as Melissa banged about in the kitchen, slamming cupboards and clattering crockery around. What was she doing in there? It sounded like she was turning the kitchen upside down.

‘Coffee?’ she heard her yell.

‘Please.’ Anna smiled to herself wondering what had brought on this change of feeling in her friend.

Ten minutes later they were sitting in Anna’s front room drinking their coffee from Anna’s favourite coffee cups her parents had given her when she first got her own place. She was telling Melissa about Peter’s email and how it had made her feel.

Melissa told her she was being daft and that she should definitely go to London. He was her agent, she said in a no nonsense voice, and she had to go. Sometimes speaking to Melissa was like being told off by your mum, Anna thought to herself. And just like her conversations with her mother, she seemed to always end up being the one who did as she was told.

So Anna gave up her argument and agreed to go. Melissa was triumphant. You won’t be looking like that when it all goes wrong for me with Peter as it’s bound to, Anna thought darkly.

‘Why are you so happy anyway, Mel?’ she asked changing the subject.

‘Aren’t I allowed to be happy?’

‘Of course. But you know exactly what I mean and you’re being evasive again.’

Anna watched as a smile spread across her friend’s face.

‘Oh all right. I was going to keep it a secret until it’s definite. But I may as well tell you now as it seems fairly certain. I’ve been promoted.’

‘Oh yay!’ Anna leapt off the sofa and charged across the living room, giving her friend a big hug. ‘About time too.’

‘Exactly. And I needed something to celebrate. Anyway, when are you going to book that train ticket?’

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Hot and bothered at a party – WIPpet Wednesday


Hello to one and all on this fine Wednesday. It’s that time of the week where we share an excerpt of whatever we’re currently working on WIPpet-wise.

Seeing as it’s the 21st August today, I’m sharing 21 lines from chapter 8 of Reunion. This scene is quite far on in the story in terms of what I’ve written so far. It takes place some months after Anna and Melissa have been reunited with their old school friends Lizzie and Rachel.

Anna and Melissa have just got back from London, then almost immediately have gone on to a party in their home city of Warston which is being held by Lizzie and Rachel to celebrate the opening of their new retro fashion shop. Anna is feeling frazzled. She lost her friends in the crowd for a while and now that they’re back, she’s non too pleased with them!

Anna didn’t know how long she’d been standing motionless for, lost in thought as people pushed past her, when her friends found her. She didn’t even register that they were there until Melissa tapped her on the shoulder. Anna jumped. By now the party was in full swing and the music had been turned up again, so she hadn’t heard them coming.

‘Oh, it’s only you,’ she said relieved.

‘Who were you expecting?’ Melissa asked.

Anna saw that Lizzie and Rachel were with her. ‘No one.’ She turned away from them.

‘Where’ve you been anyway?’ Lizzie said.

‘Where have you been?’ Anna retorted. ‘You all went off and left me. I don’t know why you couldn’t come and find me.’

Rachel laid a cool hand on her arm. ‘Are you all right, Anna? You seem a little out of sorts.’

‘Perhaps that’s because I haven’t had a drink for ages. It’s hot and crowded in here. The bar, this whole place is heaving and I’ve been on my own. And then Will turns up…’

‘Again?’ Melissa asked.

So there you have it. Looking forward to reading your comments. 🙂

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Old faces mark 2 – WIPpet Wednesday


This has got to be quick because I’m really tired this evening. I’ve had a busy day what with my exercise class this morning and lots of proofreading work this afternoon. (Yes I am cheating and posting this on Tuesday evening!!)

Anyway for my contribution today I thought I’d share with you a revamped version of what you read last week. Because I had a lot of comments that people assumed from what I’d written that it wasn’t a good meeting, I’ve changed it so that it reads in a more positive way.

The two friends from school Anna and Melissa are meeting for the first time in many years are called Lizzie and Rachel. And it IS a good meeting, although they didn’t part well when they left school.

In line with it being the 14th August I’m giving you 14 lines (from chapter 2 – cos I can!). Enjoy!

‘Anna!’ She turned to see Lizzie and Rachel standing there. Melissa had turned around too and for a moment the four school friends said nothing, just remained standing there staring at each other. Anna’s old friends still looked much the same, but a little older.

Neither of them were as slim as Anna remembered them being but she thought their curves suited them. And their hair was lovely too. Lizzie’s blonde locks were swept up in a chignon, whilst Rachel’s dark hair which Anna remembered as being very long and hanging down her back was now cut in a chic sharp bob.

They looked delighted to see Anna and Melissa, with grins spread across their faces.

‘It’s so good to see you, Anna,’ Rachel said beaming.

‘Thank you,’ she said. ‘You too.’

‘How are you both?’ Melissa asked. ‘It’s been so long. What are you girls doing these days?’

So there you have it.  Please let me know if that’s any better, I really appreciate your comments. 🙂

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The Inheritance is coming!


Well the day when I publish my debut novel ‘The Inheritance’ (the cover will look a bit different) will soon be here at long last! It’s been well over a year in the making, but things are coming together nicely now and so I’ve set a date.

I’m going to publish ‘The Inheritance’ on Saturday 14th September. Starting that day and for the rest of that week I’ll be doing a blog tour to promote it.

I’m in the process of arranging the blog tour now. I’ll keep you posted with the details of the blog tour once it’s all confirmed.

This is going to be a whole new experience for me as I’ve never published anything before. Although I’m feeling daunted by it, in some ways I’m actually looking forward to promoting my novel. It’ll be exciting to have something to work hard on that I have a big incentive to work hard on, if that makes sense, rather than just having to do work I don’t have as big a passion for. And hopefully I’ll be connecting with lots of different authors as I promote/market it.

It’s slightly scary knowing that my novel will be out there in the open for anyone to read. Some people will love it (I hope!!), some people perhaps won’t so much, but as an author putting your work out there you just have to accept that there’ll be those who criticise it. Maybe it’ll be constructive criticism (I can deal with this. I think!) or maybe it’ll be harsh criticism. Whatever the case it’s up to me to deal with it, to take it on the chin and not let it get to me.

How about you? What stage are you at in the publishing process? Do you find the thought of sharing your work with the world daunting or are you taking it in your stride?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Old faces – WIPpet Wednesday


Hi all you WIPpeteers!  It’s that time of the week when we share a snippet of our current work in progress.

For my contribution I’m sharing an excerpt from an earlier part of my WIP Reunion.  So we’re travelling back in time a little to an earlier scene where my MC Anna and her best friend Melissa have gone to the school reunion.  They’ve just seen their old friends Lizzie and Rachel who they fell out with (over a boy, what else?) and who they haven’t seen since they left school.

Seeing as it’s the 7th August today I’ve done a bit of maths again (which is amazing for me cos I hate maths!).  I’m giving you 7+8 (for the 7th August) = 15 lines from chapter 2, again I’ll say it’s for the year!!  I’m not cheating, honest, seeing as it’s 2013. 🙂  Anyway, here you go.  Hope you enjoy.  (Oh and by the way, yes I admit I’ve stolen the banner for WIPpet Wednesday from Emily Witt.  I hope she’ll forgive me!  Go and check out her site.  It’s great!)

‘Anna!’  She turned to see Lizzie and Rachel standing there.  Melissa had turned around too and for a moment the four school friends said nothing, just remained standing there staring at each other.  Anna’s old friends still looked much the same, but a little older.  They were every bit as beautiful and stylish as when they were at school together.  Both of them were tall and slim, but where Lizzie was fair, Rachel was dark. 

Lizzie had her beautiful blonde hair arranged in a half up half down style, with wisps gently clinging to her face.  Rachel’s hair was the opposite.  Her hair was so dark it was almost black, but where once it was long, hanging down her back, now it was cut into a chic bob. Anna recalled her envy of them when they were here at Mayfield Secondary together.  She had often felt how unattractive she was compared with these two statuesque beauties.

‘You’re looking well, Anna,’ Rachel said. 

‘She means you look beautiful,’ Lizzie said.  Rachel rolled her eyes.  Anna swallowed a laugh.  

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