Living the high life – WIPpet Wednesday

Posh house

It’s that time of the week again when us budding authors share a section of our current WIP. I’m taking the plunge and sharing approximately eight paragraphs from chapter five of my main WIP The Inheritance which I hope to publish soon. At this point in the story Emma, the main protagonist, is living it up in London with her housemate and friend Natalie. They’re on their way to visit a very wealthy friend. So here you go:

‘I haven’t actually been to Rebecca’s before. But judging by her amazing clothes, the places we’ve met at and this car I’d say her house must be stunning. Oh, and it’s in Kensington. Did I mention that?’

‘No.’ Emma looked down at the silk summer dress she was wearing. This August had been hot and it was so cool and soft on her skin. She’d bought it the other day on one of her shopping trips in Oxford Street. It was love at first sight and she’d snapped it up immediately. It had felt great on her when she’d put it on barely an hour ago. Now somehow it felt cheap, even though she’d paid a hefty price for it.

As if reading her mind, Natalie said, ‘Oh come on, Em, don’t worry. You haven’t got the millions that Rebecca has. You look great. Those colours really suit you.’

‘Thanks, Nat.’ Emma looked out of the window at the passing scenery. The buildings were getting smarter with each street they passed through. The London traffic was always heavy so when the car rolled to a halt and she looked at her watch, she was amazed to see that it was half past one on the dot. The chauffeur got out and opened the doors for them.

Emma saw that they were outside a large end-of-terrace house, but not the sort of terraced house she was used to. No, this house was spectacular. It was gleaming white and tall with large windows on many levels and in the strong sunlight it almost shone. The entrance had a magnificent porch; although you could barely call it a porch it was so huge. It had two white pillars supporting it at the front, making it look like a miniature Greek temple. Above it was an impressive-looking balcony.

‘Come on, Em.’ Natalie’s voice broke her out of her reverie. ‘Rebecca’s waiting.’

Emma followed her friend up the steps to the grand front door. Natalie rang the large doorbell. Everything seemed oversized to Emma, or perhaps it was just her perspective. It seemed an age until the door was opened. Standing in the hallway was a small woman dressed in a black and white outfit that wouldn’t have looked out of place in an Edwardian mansion. She looked like she was from the Philippines or somewhere in the Far East. Emma assumed she was the housekeeper.

‘You are Miss Campbell and Miss Hamilton?’ she asked. She had a thick accent which made it a little hard to understand her.

‘Yes,’ Natalie said firmly as though worried the housekeeper might slam the door in her face.

If you would like to join in the fun of WIPpet Wednesday simply post an excerpt of your current WIP on your blog that correlates somehow with the date (so I did 8 paragraphs from chapter 5 it being the 8th May). Then add your name to this linky where you can also read all the other wonderful WIPpeteers’ work. Thanks as always to K.L. Schwengel for hosting.

15 thoughts on “Living the high life – WIPpet Wednesday

  1. Great descriptive writing, and I love how Emma starts to second-guess her dress. I really feel for her.


    1. Thanks Kathi. I think we’ve all had times when we feel a bit underprepared, whether it’s in terms of what we’re wearing or the amount of work we’ve done for something. Emma is definitely feeling out of her depth here.


  2. That out of place sensation! I do hope Emma can relax enough to enjoy herself. It doesn’t sound as if Rebecca has judged her as unworthy of friendship based on money (at least here)…

    Lovely detail and thoughts.


  3. I’m so glad to see a little more of the Inheritance! I really like the description of the mansion. Sounds intimidating for a little farm girl! 🙂 Good job and good luck getting it ready to publish!


  4. I know exactly how she feels re: the dress. I live in my jeans, but I have a housemate rather fond of designer dresses. When we go out together I do sometimes feel a bit underdressed. The house sounds incredibly gorgeous but a bit terrifying at the same time!


    1. I get that feeling of not being that fashionable a lot Emily. My sister is very fashion conscious and always looks a million dollars. I can’t compete! Yes the house is overwhelming for my character; I think it would be for me too if I was in that situation.


  5. I really like the fabulous-to-under-dressed moment and the shrunken feeling she experiences as she stands at the door. It’s one thing to visit a grand hotel, it’s quite another to visit someone’s grand house!


    1. Thanks Kate. I’m just the same as you in terms of feeling underdressed!! I think with me it’s partly that I don’t often have occasion to dress up. Emma is definitely struggling here. She desperately wants to fit in and make a good impression but she’s not finding it easy. I can sympathise.


  6. Poor Emma, there’s nothing like feeling underdressed, or outclassed for that matter. (Although it really shouldn’t matter). I’m dying to see this famous Rebecca after the grand build up. Is she as impressive as her address?


    1. Yes Rebecca is impressive and Emma feels a little overwhelmed. I’ve often felt dowdy in comparison to other people – I guess most of us have at one time or other. But you’re right, it shouldn’t matter. How we are as people is what counts! 🙂


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