WIPpet Wednesday Reunion story

This week it being the 13th March, I thought I’d share about 13 lines from chapter 3 of my current WIP which has the working title ‘Reunion’. At this point in the story my main character Anna and her friends have arrived at an old stately home for a spa weekend.

‘Hey! Hey, what do you think you’re doing?’ Anna and her friends turned to face the questioner. They were faced with an angry looking woman of about their own age, who was being followed by an entourage of women dressed in various shades of pink. The woman speaking had an L plate stitched to her T shirt. They were obviously there for a hen weekend.
‘What do you mean, what are we doing?’ Lizzie asked. ‘We’re just going into our rooms.’
The woman shook her head forcefully. ‘You can’t do that. Those are our rooms.’
‘There must be some mistake,’ Anna said. ‘We were quite clearly told to come here to the second floor, turn left and that our rooms were the third and fourth on the right.’
She watched as the woman’s face turn redder and redder.

If you would like to join in with WIPpet Wednesday simply post a section of your current work in progress that relates in some way to the date (e.g. 13 lines or words for the 13th), then add your name to this link. Thanks again to K.L. Schwengel for hosting.

10 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday Reunion story

  1. Love the image of this gaggle of women in pink storming down the corridor – quite an off putting sight actually! It sounds like Anna and her friend’s relaxing spa weekend is going to go horribly wrong…


  2. I liked all the pink too – and this scene promises some good conflict… It’s all too short though… The only problem with the WIPpets – they make you want to keep reading on!


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