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Well this is my first Thursday’s Children on my new blog and it’s another chance for me to tell you what inspires my writing. Hmm…various things I guess, one of which I shared last week. So this week I want to talk about what has inspired my current WIP. This WIP is partly to do with my main character, Anna, going to a school reunion and having to face the bullies who made her life hell while she was at school.

I didn’t enjoy school , so I know what my character’s going through. Growing up isn’t easy for anyone, and it’s especially hard if you have zero self confidence. My character Anna has changed an awful lot since her school days. She’s blossomed from a dumpy teen into a beautiful thirty something woman, with a successful career as – would you believe – an author. Her self confidence is much greater now she’s an adult. I guess it’s similar to my own story as I suffered a great deal from a lack of self confidence, particularly in my teens. It doesn’t help that girls can be very catty when they want to be and the same is even more true of teenage girls. They can make each other’s lives difficult. This is something that my story deals with. Having said that some of the bullies in my story are male, so that’s interesting to me too.

The story I’m telling, whilst not about teenagers, does have plenty of flashbacks to Anna’s past and her experiences at school. Our childhood and teenage years shape us into the people we become as adults and that’s what I’m drawing on in this story. I’ve often imagined going back to my secondary school and seeing my old classmates as they are now, what they would look like years later, how they might have changed. That was one of the main ideas for the story: what happens when someone revists their past. I’m also thinking about the ramifications of that; what the effect of the reunion is on Anna and her friends. I’m developing my character: how does she change as a person as a result of meeting people from her past?

What are your thoughts on how people are shaped by their school days?

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14 thoughts on “Thursday’s Children on my new blog!

  1. I’ve never gone to a high school or college reunion and I’ve maintained friendships with only a handful of people from those days. In some ways Facebook is like a cyber class reunion and it is weird to see how people have changed, for better or worse (I’m not talking appearance). I remember one particularly surprising metamorphosis was one of the class delinquents (always in trouble for vandalism, drinking, smoking,etc). Ten years later his life revolved COMPLETELY around his infant daughter.


  2. That’s interesting. It’s funny how people can change. I have to confess that as much as I wonder about my old classmates and what they would look like now, I turned down the offer to go to a school reunion last year. This was because I didn’t have a great time there and I didn’t want to reopen old wounds. Though it would have been interesting to see what people look like 17 years later or so. But as well as being an observer at this sort of event, I’d be observed too and I wouldn’t like that. It’s fun to explore from a fictional perspective though. πŸ™‚


  3. I can’t think of anything worse than a school reunion, but I agree the experiences we had when we were young do shape us. Plenty of great fodder for a story, and a positive way to process your own experiences too. Great idea.


    1. I’d kind of like to be a fly on the wall at my school reunion, so that I could see my old classmates and what they look like now but they couldn’t see me! I’d hate to be scrutinised and judged by people who I was relieved to see the back of when I left school.


  4. I can totally relate to this, Elaine. I had zero confidence at school (mainly due to health reasons) and still struggle with confidence now – although I deal with it better and make myself do things I’m not comfortable with (mad really!) I chose not to go to a school reunion a few years ago, although I am still friends with a select group of ex-classmates and I’ve known my closest friend since we were 11.

    I think your novel will make for an interesting read and whatever our individual experience of school and teenage years there will be much we can all relate to.


    1. It’s good to hear I’m not the only one who struggled at school Kate! And it’s nice that you’re still fiends with some of your classmates – I wish I could have had that. But sometimes life just doesn’t turn out that way. :s


  5. High school… *SHUDDER*

    Just kidding, haha. It’s hard to fathom now that I’m 10-ish years removed from high school, but yeah, back then, it was life. I’ve reminisced deeply a few times, and it always left me with mixed feelings: there are amazing memories, fun times, little anecdotes and stories and silliness. The things you used to do during a spare to kill time. The conversations you used to have. The people you used to like. Then the bad times too. When you really didn’t want to go to school. When you wished you were somewhere else.

    And again… I *SHUDDER*, lol.

    Thanks for sharing!


  6. It’s good that you have some good memories from school John. I find it hard to find any myself, but maybe I’m just being pessimistic. But actually I often enjoyed the lessons; the learning of new subjects could be interesting. It was just the other pupils that I had a problem with! Like you, I do find myself thinking about my school days and like you I shudder! I’m so glad I don’t have to go through that again!!


  7. I can’t imagine there’s enough enticement in the world to make me want to go back to high school. πŸ™‚ I remain friends with a few wonderful people, but I have zero interest in going back to a reunion, but I can see how that would be a fascinating concept to explore. πŸ™‚


  8. Thanks Christine. Yes it is an interesting for me to think about what it would feel like to go back to school, especially the idea of someone revisiting the place where they’ve been very unhappy, like my character.


  9. I was shy and had zero self confidence in highschool. I had my problems, like everyone else.
    As an adult, I consider myself a fun, sarcastic, and sort of out-going person. So, I’ve gone to a couple of my reunions with the intention of “showing them.”
    But I hate who I become around those people! I revert back to my highschool self. I practically wither up in the corner.
    But a strange thing happened at my 20th reunion. A group of other shy girls like me were talking when one of the cliquey girls came over. She had been trying to be the center of attention all night. The cliquey girl acted like she was the oldest dearest friend of one of the other girls in my group.
    And finally my friend very calmly asked, “What’s going on here?”
    To which the cliquey girl looked confused.
    My friend continued, nicely, “We weren’t friends in highschool. In fact, you bullied every one of us.”
    Well, the cliquey girl looked around the group, looking each one of us in the eyes.
    Then I saw a tear in her eye.
    As nice as payback might seem, I hate confrontation, and I never want to hurt another person’s feelings. That was awkward. And I got the hell out of there.
    I look forward to reading your book someday. Good luck with it!


  10. Thanks for sharing that, Michaele. You were brave to go to those reunions – braver than me. I stayed away from one from my old school that took place last year. I thought it best – to me the thought of seeing all those people again who were unkind to me at school was a bit like opening a can of worms! It’s fascinating to me how everyone is affected one way or another by their school days. And nearly all the comments I’ve had on this blog about it have said that school was a difficult time. I hope you enjoy the book when it’s finished!


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