ElaineI’m Elaine Jeremiah and I live in Bristol, UK with my husband and our mad dog Dug. I’m a writer, I have been since an early age, but it’s only recently that I’ve been devoting more and more time to my writing, hence setting up this blog. (Although this is not my first blog, I’m hoping it will be more comprehensive and useful to me than my previous blog.) I write about what I want really; I tend not to be confined by any particular genre. I think this is good in some ways, not in others. Whilst I give myself a lot of freedom in what I choose to write about, at the same time it makes my work hard to define and therefore potentially hard to market. That said I find writing therapeutic and fun, something I want to share with you all. So I hope you enjoy my blog!

Contact me:

Email: elaine (dot) jeremiah (at) gmail (dot) com

Twitter: @ElaineJeremiah

Facebook: Elaine Jeremiah – Author

Goodreads: Elaine Jeremiah

19 thoughts on “About

  1. Nice to meet you Elaine! What genre do you write? I’m an aspiring author myself, and am currently holding an author interview program. Would you like to participate in it?

  2. Hi Briana. I write a lot of different stuff, but at the moment it’s mainly women’s fiction. Basically though I write about what I want to write about. And yes , I would love to take part in your author interview. Let me know when. :)

    • Yes that would be fab. I have a friend in Bristol called Kate Frost who I met through Twitter. She takes part in the weekly blog hops ‘WIPpet Wednesday’ and ‘Thursday’s Children’. So maybe we could all meet up somewhere. We’ll have to arrange something. :)

      • Definitely – that would be brilliant! It’s quite a lonely world being an author and it would be great to meet and chat to some like minded people. I am in Calne, nr Chippenham so can easily get to Bristol. Perhaps you could chat to her and let me know? May be easier to email? Mine is jadereyner@hotmail.co.uk . :-)

  3. Hey Elaine..thank you for dropping by and for giving me an opportunity to read your blog..Am I glad I did…have followed you back..looking forward to a great interaction….All the best with all your books! Cheers, Nishi

  4. Hello,
    Thanks for liking the Luccia gray interview on my site. Just followed you on Twitter and thought I might make you a proposal if you are interested in one. Really like that cover on The Inheritance.
    Much Respect

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